1 One Day At Near Polar Ural: Helicopter Flight For Fishing

One Day At Near Polar Ural: Helicopter Flight For Fishing

Posted on April 5, 2015 by team

Here is one day from the life of Usik Markosyan who lives in a village Saranpaul of the Khanty-Mansiysk region, a beautiful and interesting polar place. Usik tried to attract tourists there many years ago but didn’t succeed much. However he learned many things about the place and found a lot of friends.

Well, let’s go back to June 15, 2014 to spend it with Usik.

Many people ask Usik to show the polar place to them. This time he is invited to fish for grayling and taimen. Morning starts from a cup of coffee and porridge. The helicopter was fueled and ready to fly.

Lucy does not want to stay home alone!

Boss does not care…

Perfect morning silence.

We are taking off!

Houses of Saranpaul village. The streets are empty   People rest on Saturday.

Loading dock on the Lyapin river. It’s one of the monuments to recklessness.  A billion was wasted for the dock which has not been used for a decade, one crane is about to fall…

The waters are high in July.

Passing the memorial cross.

Yasunt village mirrored in the water.

Our first landing is at the estuary of the Hul’ya river. “Robinson” in such a windless weather has no resistance and flies rather fast.


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  1. Rob Normann says:

    Please invite me next time. I would love to see more of this beautiful area.

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