2 Huge Siberian Electrical Machinery Plant

Huge Siberian Electrical Machinery Plant

Posted on April 5, 2015 by team

Blogger wizarden has visited “ELSIB”, the big scientific and production association in Novosibirsk that designs and makes electric machines, turbo- and hydraulic turbine generators and provides contract supervision at various objects. Its products are used for oil and gas, coal, chemical and other industries both in Russia and abroad. Today about 30% of Russian power plants have their energy provided by ELSIB generators.

The main building of ELSIB.


Impregnation chambers for stators of electric machines and turbogenerator rods.

Some Soviet posters are still hanging on these walls.

Various equipment.

In the insulation shop most of workers are women. According to the statistics they do the job more accurately and attentively.

And here is what they get – the coil winding, the “heart” of a future electrical machine.

To provide insulation for turbogenerator rods they use this insulating machine SDB-9000.

The same machine from another angle.

No matter where women work, they bring flowers there…


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2 Responses to “Huge Siberian Electrical Machinery Plant”

  1. Clarrington says:

    It is a very interesting post. Thank you!

  2. Danny says:

    I was lucky enough to visit Elsib on two occaisions to procure a generator. The folks there are hardworking, expert, and very good to work with. I learned so much and wish I could go there again. A great factory with glorious history and future prospects for all of Asia.

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