1 Wartime Ship Disguise

Wartime Ship Disguise

Posted on April 4, 2015 by team

Boris Smirnov was an artist who disguised ships during the siege of Leningrad. On the picture above you see a battleship “October Revolution”, look how it looked when the job of camoufleurs was done.

Ship disguise was widely-spread during WWII. Those ships that stood at river banks were disguised by nets, tents, painted logs etc. It was necessary to fill the water space between the ship and the land with various stuff like boards, ferries, logs.

Smirnov’s drawings. Embankment of Bolshaya Nevka.

Neva, under Leningrad.

Near Petropavlovsk fortress. On another side is a camouflaged replica of cruiser “Kirov” at the House of Scientists.

“Kirov” cruiser itself.

The aft is painted the colors of the embankment.

The same story with battleship “Marat”.

Submarine “P-2″.


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