16 Recalling Tallinn of the 70s

Recalling Tallinn of the 70s

Posted on April 4, 2015 by team

These are photos of galik-123 who shares the pictures he took in Tallinn, Estonia, back in the 70s. The city had a unique architecture, all those tiled roofs and stone pavements made Tallinn a special place.


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16 Responses to “Recalling Tallinn of the 70s”

  1. Rein says:

    Tallinn is not Russia. At least, not any more.
    And today, the Estonian capital Tallinn is even more beautiful.
    Thanks Galik-123, for the nostalgic pictures.

    • ed brown says:

      Russia will some day invade into Estonia. I would say, invasion is inevitable, it is just a matter of time. It almost happened recently when Estonians moved some Russian bronse WW2 idols from their main square to a military cemetery. As a result Russian population of Estonia went nuts and started looting boutiques and burning cars in the downtown of Tallinn. It ended faster than Russians expected so they did not have enough time to use these riots as a pretext to invade. But threat remains.

      • estonian says:

        Keep calm and don’t be paranoid :-) .

        • ed brown says:

          Russians killed many peole in Donbass and Crimea

          • Om says:

            Ed, Donbass and Crimea are inhabited by Russians, they are the indigenous population (and Crimea was originally Greek, not Tatar). Please, stop the U.S.-funded nonsense. It’s the U.S. killed many people in Iraq and no one got punished.

  2. Nergol says:

    I see they went to the fortress of Kiek in de Kök

  3. Tim says:

    Looking at these ‘before’ pictures and comparing them to the ‘after’ pictures of Tallinn ought to convince anyone that everything Sovoks touch crumbles and turns to sh!t. Why on earth they feel the need to add more territory to their present landmass – which they can’t even manage properly – is beyond understanding.

    • Soviet Samurai says:

      It is beyond my understanding why your government engineers wars in countries on the other side of the continent. It is beyond my understanding why you feel obliged to teach people and speak about countries you know nothing about. You will never understand Russians and never will. The only thing you know is what Hollywood taught you and reading random idiotiots like the one above.

      • Tim says:

        What, please tell, do you think ‘my government’ is Sovok Samurai. I’ll bet your annual salary that you’re wrong.

        And even if you’re right I’m only out the cost of a pizza. No problem.

      • Tim says:

        …and by the way I understand Russians very well. There are thousands of them living just fine in my country. I also understand Sovoks just as well. There are millions of them living in crumbling khrushebas, staggering around drunk, thumping their tattooed chests and bleating about how great their country is.

      • Mort says:

        The truth really hurts, eh? Unfortunately the truth IS that everything soviets lay their paws on turns into sh*t. Oh, and talking about things beyond one’s understanding could you explain why Russia always was and still is so obsessed with occupying lands where noone wants them?

      • Tim says:

        Nice editing job ER. Maybe this response to Sovok Samurai is more acceptible:

        Sovok, you have no clue what nationality I am nor what ‘my government’ is. Care to guess. Here’s a hint: my government doesn’t go around invading other countries, pumping massive amounts of pollution into the environment and generally making a knuckle-dragging nuisance of itself. Based on this hint you can rule out Russia and the USA. Care to make another guess?

        • Om says:

          Tim, all empires fall one day. You laugh at the late Soviet one. What would you do when the American one falls? The world is not very fond of U.S. today (travel and you will see), you may end more hated than Russians. And I sincerely don’t wish you that.

  4. Baronation says:

    Brilliant photos. Love seeing photos from the 70’s and 80’s.

  5. Tallinn Tallinn says:

    Also great images om The Tallinn Collector website if anyone like!

  6. TLN says:

    Tallin was more beautiful before bombing in WW2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Tallinn_in_World_War_II
    Numbers are in article.

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