7 Making Special Vehicles For the Russian Armed Forces

Making Special Vehicles For the Russian Armed Forces

Posted on April 3, 2015 by team

“Project-Tekhnika” corporation makes multipurpose and special vehicles for the Russian armed forces. It has several plants and this one, the Shumerlya Special Vehicles Plant, is one of them.

We will see it courtesy of blogger i-korotchenko.

This is REM-KL, the vehicle intended for repair and evacuation of military equipment with mass from 12 to 22 tons   It’s based on URAL 8×8 chassis.

One of the main processes is welding. They make bodies for future vans and containers.

Blast treatment of the container body prior to painting.

Making sandwich panels for box van walls.


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7 Responses to “Making Special Vehicles For the Russian Armed Forces”

  1. Alain says:

    Russian army is BEST !

  2. ed brown says:

    Glory to Freedom Loving Russia <3

    • ed brown says:

      Russia is not a Freedom Loving country.
      Actually is is considered to be unfree country with semi-dictatorial regime. Those military vehichles are used by Russia not for defence of freedom, but for territorial expansion and enslavement of neighbor nations

      • russian says:

        Said who ? All the history of western countries USA, UK,France,Italy,Spain is killing of their neighbors. How many colonies your country has ? . So why do you think you have rights to teach us ? Hey, “westerns”, watch your shitty ass.

        • ed brown says:

          Yes I know this argument “And you are lynching negroes”.
          Neither USA, UK, France, Italy or Spain invaded their neighbors in the last 70 years. USA somtimes does police operations on rogue tyranical/terrorist countries, but it did not annex any territories in the last 100 years

          • plazma says:

            “police operations” ??? Hahahaha, nice police work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yugoslavia etc.
            I hope that you get “policed” like that one day…

  3. Soviet Samurai says:

    Sometimes I wonder how much of yourself are you willing to sell to Obama?

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