0 Aircrafts Need Some Restyling Too

Aircrafts Need Some Restyling Too

Posted on April 2, 2015 by team

Together with blogger fotografersha we’re in the aircraft painting shop of “Spektr-Avia” company to see how An-124 “Ruslan” is restyled and provided its new image.

Presently they have ten units of An-124 planes here.

Meet craft RA-82079.

The same “Ruslan” participating in the Berlin aerospace exhibition ILA-2014.

The paint applied on aircrafts has its own service life and has to be renewed.

The old paint is removed and the craft is newly painted white.

The bottom and the engines gonna be grey.

Those parts that gonna remain white are covered now with paper. Yellow letters will be white on the blue background.

The wide blue stripe is stretching along the entire board of the plane.

One engine is still unpainted.


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