3 Technical Support and Disguise Vehicle for Missilemen

Technical Support and Disguise Vehicle for Missilemen

Posted on April 1, 2015 by team

Here’s a technical support vehicle and disguised 15M69 used by strategic missile units. It does not launch missiles and has no armament at all. Its task is to determine and prepare a suitable position for missilemen. The photos were taken by the blogger who calls himself mnenevlom and his friend.

The vehicle is absolutely new, but it is not classified anymore.

It’s a huge vehicle, its length is over fifteen meters, width – about 3,5 m, full mass – about forty tons. The 500 hp diesel engine is made in Yaroslavl, Russia.

The 8×8 machine is made at the Minsk wheeled tractors factory.

The reliable body is made from the composite material – something similar to multilayer fiberglass soaked with epoxide.

There are three seats in the cabin.

This is a standard navigation system.

Behind the cabin is another compartment with a hermetic door.

Generator and various electrics.

We open one more hermetic door and see another compartment.

Here is a kitchen with a stove, water tank, sink, capacities for food storage and a sleeping area. Here the crew may stay up to three days.

In the rear of the vehicle is a cargo platform. The means of disguise are probably kept inside.

To unload containers they use a crane-manipulator. It is controlled from this panel…

… or from the remote panel.

The vehicle is equipped with “locking shoes”.

The crew is ready for the combat task!

First of all they have to check the passing ability of the vehicle.

They unfold special devices to make sure they do not engage with any objects while travelling.

If they don’t, the missile systems will pass without problems too. If not, they have to cut the trees…

“Training point №2″.

Evaluation of the ground bearing capacity.

For such a purpose they use a penetrometer mounted on the front of the vehicle.

The final task is covering up the traces with a grader device.

This grader device is under the cargo platform.

All tasks are successfully fulfilled!


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  1. Rob Normann says:

    I want one of those for my fishing and hunting days.

  2. ed brown says:

    Very recently Russian ambassador threatened Denmark that Russia would use these rockets to kill Danes

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