3 Technical Support and Disguise Vehicle for Missilemen

Technical Support and Disguise Vehicle for Missilemen

Posted on April 1, 2015 by team

Here’s a technical support vehicle and disguised 15M69 used by strategic missile units. It does not launch missiles and has no armament at all. Its task is to determine and prepare a suitable position for missilemen. The photos were taken by the blogger who calls himself mnenevlom and his friend.

The vehicle is absolutely new, but it is not classified anymore.

It’s a huge vehicle, its length is over fifteen meters, width – about 3,5 m, full mass – about forty tons. The 500 hp diesel engine is made in Yaroslavl, Russia.


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3 Responses to “Technical Support and Disguise Vehicle for Missilemen”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    I want one of those for my fishing and hunting days.

  2. ed brown says:

    Very recently Russian ambassador threatened Denmark that Russia would use these rockets to kill Danes

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