3 Missile And Artillery Units Shoot Fireworks At Night

Missile And Artillery Units Shoot Fireworks At Night

Posted on April 1, 2015 by team

In Sergeevka, Russian Far East, missile and artillery units recently held large-scale integration exercises. Over 2,5 thousand military men were practising their combat skills. 50% of the drills were held at night. The pictures are taken by smitsmitty, the Russian blogger.

The drill began at 10 a.m. The officers checking the ammunition and the equipment, were given the fireproof uniform.

They displayed all of the artillery systems available in service of the Russian armed forces: self-propelled systems 2S1 “Gvozdika”, 2S3 “Acacia”, self-propelled systems “Hyacinth” with a 152 mm gun, multiple artillery rocket systems “Grad”, MRLS “Tornado-G”.


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3 Responses to “Missile And Artillery Units Shoot Fireworks At Night”

  1. ed brown says:

    These people will soon use their skills in Ukraine or near the border with Ukraine.

    It is a favourite tactics of the Russian army to shell Ukrainian territory over the border using long range artillery, killing Ukrainians and knowing that Ukraine would not retaliate.

    • Plazma says:

      Ed, you need to see shrink mate. Every post here related to the Russian army has your comments saying that it’s ALL against Ukraine. Relax, take your pills, go watch ducks in the park…

      • Froggy says:

        Sadly, it looks like it’s well gone past the shrink level … I blame social services’s budget cuts …

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