9 Back to the Engels Air Force Base: Tu Aircrafts

Back to the Engels Air Force Base: Tu Aircrafts

Posted on April 1, 2015 by team

Russian blogger russos published these cool photos of Tu 95MS, Tu-190 planes taken at the Engels Air Force Base, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian air forces and please all fans of aviation. Most of them could be used as beautiful wallpaper.

“The plane is a great creation of the human mind and hands, it’s not dependant on any authorities apart from those who respect the air laws”.

Strategic missile carrier - Tu-95MS.

The prototype 95-1 made its first flight on 12 November 1952. Unfortunately the seventeenth test flight ended by crash and eleven deaths. However it didn’t stop further testing of Tu-95.

Tu-95MS is a missile carrier with a nuclear warhead built on a base of a long-range anti-submarine aircraft, the Tu-142MK.

Some Tu-160 units were named after Soviet heroes and people connected with long-range aviation, Tu-95MS – after cities.

Ил-62 RA-86556. VIP board of the Polish leader Edward Gierek named «Frederyk Chopin». It was sent by Poland for repair in 1980. Since 1988 it has been a private craft of the long-range aviation commander (based in Engels).

Seeing them in the air is a huge pleasure!

You get deafened by the noise of the plane, stunned by screws vibration, no pictures can convey that feeling of delight..

On July 30, 2010 there was set a world record of continuous flight for the planes of such class – the bombers overcame the distance of 30 thousand kilometers over three oceans and refueled in the air four times.

Mi-26T has landed.

Next to Tu-95 is an APA-100, an airfield portable electric plant.

Technician with a parachute.

In the cabin: the workplace near the entrance is stuffed with interesting equipment, but it’s not allowed to be photographed. What you see is the panel of a flight engineer.

Dashboard of the first pilot.

This strange rubber floor with wood battens is an of emergency evacuation device. In fact what you see an ordinary rubber belt conveyor. Yes, the floor is moving under your feet!

Stove, water tank, first-aid kit.

Tu-160 – a supersonic strategic bomber-missile swing-wing carrier designed in 1980s.

Currently the Russian air forces have sixteen Tu-160 units.

Il-78M is ready to take off.

This tanker can provide 105,7 liters of fuel in the air.

Tu-160 is the largest supersonic aircraft in the history of military aviation and the heaviest combat aircraft in the world with the biggest among bombers take-off weight. Pilots tenderly call it “White Swan”.

IL-78M is about to lift off…

“Bears” are ready to fly.

The program of the day includes in-route flights, refueling.

NK-12 is roaring really loud.  When it flies it is rumored to be heard by American submarine crews being in deep waters.

Wonderful Tu-160 is taking off.

In two fuselage compartments it may carry up to 40 tons of armory. The maximum takeoff weight – 275 tons.

Strategic cruise missiles X-55 equipping Tu-160 are intended to hit stationary targets with preliminarily specified coordinates. Anti-ship missiles have a radar guidance system.


Technicians meet the crew on the ground.

Pilots have to sign some papers.

Parachute brake.

NK-32 engines are inspected after the flight. The engine is the biggest and most powerful in the world aviation!


Tu-134UBL “Ural” is a trainer for pilots of naval and strategic aviation. The aircraft has a specially designed fuselage similar to those of Tu-22M and Tu-160.

The plane is being fueled.

The tanker is back.

“Bears” are back too.


Nobody in the world makes a more powerful engine than NK-12…

They fly 2-3 times a week – it’s much more frequent that it was in the 90s.

Air Force Base “Engels”.

This time they made a test fueling of Tu-160 and Tu-95MS in the air from the tanker IL-78.

Outer engines are stopped and the inner ones are used for steering.

Tu-134UBL is saying goodbye.

Half-disassembled Tu-95MS.

Training is performed non-stop.

Tu-160 in the sky over Engels.

Tu-95MS over Red Square on May 9, 2010.

Our thanks to russos for great photo report!


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  1. Rob Normann says:

    Awesome shots of great birds.

  2. john says:

    Thank you for the great photos, its great to see these aircraft.

  3. ed brown says:

    Russia cannot produce descent passenger planes that are competitive with Boeing or Airbus planes.

    • ed brown says:

      Sorry i forgot, Russia produced Sukhoi Superjet 100
      The Passenger jet better and cheaper than any other from Boeing or Airbus.

      Russia is Best !

  4. p51d007 says:

    The TU95, is to Russia, what the American Boeing B-52 is… one of a kind, perfect design

  5. Alain says:

    The last pic on the sixth screen is clearly a Photoshop…

    • The Spoon says:

      I don’t think it is, but if it is then it’s being used on other sites as well, it’s a real aircraft and it’s over a real place, so what does it matter?

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