14 People Eating a Meal from the Shovel and a Sausage Rain

People Eating a Meal from the Shovel and a Sausage Rain

Russian bloggers were enraged recently by the photos of people that eat the meal that was served on the shovel to them. "They don't have the dignity, behave worse than animals", this were main arguments. However to me it looks pretty normal - just a practical way of serving something to a larger quantity of the seekers. Also its a free meal,
they haven't paid for it. More photos inside. Also there is a video of a "sausage rain" inside - another action that got people enraged and that was remembered in connection with shovel meals - some sausage company served airborne sausage boxes to some random field so people could run and snatch the free sausage.

1 Russian Soldiers Serving on Novaia Zemlya Archipelago

Russian Soldiers Serving on Novaia Zemlya Archipelago

Novaia Zemlya or as Dutch people say Novaia Zembla is a Russian archipelago on the extreme North East of Europe. It was a sensitive military area during Cold War and it is still used today. In particular this place was used to test the explosion of Tsar Bomba the largest
most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. Nevertheless, people inhabit this place both civil and military. And here is a set of the life on the islands. Polar bears, huge northern dogs, snow piles of three human heights etc - you've got it all inside:

13 Russian Marines from SPUTNIK Regiment

Russian Marines from SPUTNIK Regiment

Someone has posted a bunch of photos of Russian marines from "SPUTNIK" regiment which is from Murmansk region.
He says the photos are from years 2013-2015. So we are reposting those here for your viewing pleasure.

3 Aurora Borealis in Moscow and Central Russia

Aurora Borealis in Moscow and Central Russia

Yesterday people of central parts of Russia could see aurora borealis in their night skies. This is highly unusual for such "Southern" regions as auroras are common in Northern part of Russia and usually in the coldest
days of year. This year however is surprisingly warm. For example in Moscow it have been reported that the bees were awaken early this year. So the weather was form and unusual for such a phenomena.

1 Russian Vintage LADA Couch

Russian Vintage LADA Couch

An enthusiast has made a couch out of a few parts he bought for vintage Soviet VAZ 2101  LADA
car. A few photos of the process as well as how it looks in interior you can see inside.

0 Street Art These Days

Street Art These Days

This is how the freshest street
art from Tula, Russia looks like.
3 After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool

After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool

        A preschool teacher in day time, a vodka drinking gangster in the evening? Social networks of Chelyabinsk city were shocked when the photo of some young men with an
unclear past was leaked to the Internet. Working in a preschool in the daytime, they seemed to use the place for planning their shadow double life things at night. More photos inside:

9 Pastafarian Wedding in Tver

Pastafarian Wedding in Tver

A couple in city of Tver has married according to Pastafarian tradition. Do you know those pastafarian people - they make photos wearing pasta colanders on their heads for driving licences, and do other things to mock up a traditional approach to religion like - with all seriousness state that their
highest deity is a Flying Spaghetti Monster and more thing like this. You can read here if you are interested. Meanwhile in Tver one young couple decided to marry according to Pastafarianism tradition - please note a guy already has put his colander on. More photos inside:
0 Steve Jobs Printed Copy Welcomes Visitors in Siberian Cafe

Steve Jobs Printed Copy Welcomes Visitors in Siberian Cafe

  Owners of the "Business Cafe" in Kemerovsk, Siberian city, have installed a full-size cardboard Apple's founder and late CEO Steve Jobs to welcome visitors in their venue. He holds a paper in his hand
saying, quote: "Dear visitors, please remove your over coats when you arrive to get your meal.". Some people discuss it now and call it disrespect to the cult figure. A couple more photos inside:

5 Russian Brilliant Artist Shishkin

Russian Brilliant Artist Shishkin

Have you ever heard this name - Shishkin? If not then I'll tell you a bit about him. He was one of the most brilliant Russian artist of the 19th century. Some say that amongst all Russian painters who were mastering the landscape genre he was
the best ever lived. Most of all he liked to paint Russian nature and here is a small selection of his some of the best works. Like the one on top - just see how realistically the sun light being expressed on this painting.

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