4 Family Photos of Nicholas II Colorized by His Daughter

Family Photos of Nicholas II Colorized by His Daughter

Posted on March 31, 2015 by tim

They say that Russian previous Tsar Nicholas II was an avid photographer and had his personal collection of self made photographs. They included some informal shots like his daughter making funny faces etc. His third daughter, Maria, was fond of photography too so she colorized some of his works herself by hand. So here are a few of those photos together with some other family photos of Nicholas II of Russia:

Don’t be shocked – this is Anastasia Romanova – the princess of Russia – the daughter of Nicholas II, she is just acts the ape on camera here. Shot made probably by her father, the Russian Tsar.

Another pricess – Anna Romanova in her bed.

Here comes again Anastasia Romanova playing fool with false teeth.

Unknown woman and the princess Olga Romanova.

The closest friend of Russian Queen. Big fan of Rasputin. Was caught by Lenin bolshevik’s a few time but then released and spent time in Finland monastery till 1960.

Unknown Russian officer with Tatyana Romanova – daughter of Nicholas II.

Three sisters – daughters of the Tsar.

Three princesses and a prince – Alexey Romanov, the son of the Tsar in the sailors costume. Also an unknown man on the back.

The Tsar (on the left) and his family.

Tsar and the Royal family.


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  1. Alain says:

    Always found that Dimitri Medvedev was looking like Nicholas II. Just add him a moustache and some beard, and it’s striking !

  2. Bob says:

    I wonder if Anastasia knew that a time was coming when a disguise would be very useful?

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