2 The Secrets of Making Adygei Cheese

The Secrets of Making Adygei Cheese

Posted on March 30, 2015 by team

Adygei cheese comes from the Circassian national cuisine. It is made in the Russian republic of Adygeya and in some other places including those located in former Soviet countries. Today we are going to join blogger aslan and visit the creamery not far from Kharkov, Ukraine, where this tasty cheese is also made as well as mozzarella, brinsen and suluguni cheese and other dairy products.

All the foods made here are natural and tasty. In Adygeya the Adygei cheese has been made since ancient times. The story tells that the recipe of the cheese was given to one young girl by the Nart god Amysh – protector of domestic animals.

Adygei cheese is made from good full-milk cream. They buy from farmers. In the room you see above they check such cream for quality.

The result of the check – something’s wrong with protein content as the cow that gave this milk has dropped a calf just recently. Such milk cannot be used for making the cheese.

Some people add soda to milk for a longer storage. Such milk is not suitable for making the cheese either.

The right tube got green because of soda contained in the milk.

They know how to determine of the milk is good or not.

From a special capacity milk goes to the shop.

From the cold capacity it is transferred to the another one for warming up.

Then it goes to the pasteurizer.

Adygei cheese is the safest of all, because milk is not only pasteurized but the cooking itself is performed at very high temperatures that kill all harmful bacteria.

Through such tubes milk comes to the capacities for curdling. The tubes are very hot.

Milk is kept very hot in such pots, fermented whey is added to the milk…


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  1. Erik says:

    I love these reports . Now I have to go and eat .
    Thanks Aslan and English Russia .

  2. L'hiver says:

    That cheese looks amazing.

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