8 Highly Secret Soviet Communication Center Under the Ground

Highly Secret Soviet Communication Center Under the Ground

Posted on March 30, 2015 by team

Government and military communication has been important in all times. In the time of a cold war it was crucial to provide faultless information transfer even in the conditions of a nuclear conflict. With such a purpose the system of fortified undeground communication centers was created in the USSR. They were used to transfer the commands to the western force groups located in the Warsaw Pact countries and elsewhere. Today we’re going to show the pictures taken by a blogger deletant who visited one of such centers.

It used to be a military unit that consisted of two signal centers: the one was used to receive signals, another one to transfer them. Each center was represented by a three-level underground structure with independent life-support systems, surrounded by the reliable dual signalling system along the entire perimeter.

On the image above you can see the main entrance to the bunker and ventilation structures in the background.

The staircase inside.

The bunker was built in 1968-71.

This massive door can protect from a shock wave of an atomic explosion. Its mass is 3 tons. To get inside one had to dial a telephone number and say the password to the guard.

We get inside and see another smaller pressurized safety door.

And a telephone on the wall.

Behind the second door we find the third telephone, fire hydrant and panel for sealed valves control.

An airlock system is intended to protect the bunker from poisoning substances.

These long corridors make you think you are in a submarine. The object is divided into three levels, each is 1200 m2.

The upper level is fully occupied by the systems of information transfer. A lot of radio equipment is still here.


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8 Responses to “Highly Secret Soviet Communication Center Under the Ground”

  1. Jerry says:

    Nice Its still everything working?:)

  2. javox says:

    my gosh this place is amanzin, i still cant belive all this stuff they made up almost for nothin

  3. Domi says:

    Great Pictures, rather detailed tour through the bunker complex.Its suprising to see that most of it is in preety good shape . is the bunker stil used for some purposes?

  4. rostit says:

    Thanks for this post ER. This is the stuff that first brought me to ER.

  5. Ivan says:

    Perfect example how paranoid the Soviet society was. Unfortunately Putin’s regime is becoming more and more like CCCP, seeing enemies everywhere, suspecting everything.

  6. Darius says:

    Yes, indeed it is very interesting pictures! Great work!

    My guess is it is in this good condition because it just recently was removed from the list of secret objects? I think so because I see a lot of “casually” dressed people in pictures that do not look like photo or scouting people, but they look like the workers. Such people typically you see doing building or equipment repairs or they do demolition or equipment salvage (or both). So – or this object will be totally renovated or … most likely it has lost its military purpose.

  7. commentor says:

    Those manometers look like have radium dials which glow without external light source. Definitely extreme…

  8. Slaven says:

    Still cant believe that one pretty much a simpleton of a man was allowed to destroy the great USSR.

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