4 Road Safety Posters From the Soviet Past

Road Safety Posters From the Soviet Past

Posted on March 29, 2015 by team

Here is a cool collection of vintage posters appealing to Soviet people for caution on the roads. Today we have much more dense traffic but for some reason safety posters are not popular anymore.

“You are on the highway, not in space!”

“Drivers! Moving on city streets follow the rules of vehicles location”.


Do not leave the garage on a malfunctioning car. Strictly observe the traffic rules, pay attention to traffic signs, signals of traffic lights and a pointsman”.

“Drivers! In the conditions of poor visibility overtaking is prohibited!”

“Speed is unlimited, BUT mind the safety!”

“Playing in the street may cause an accident”.

“Driver! Keep in mind that overspeeding and hard braking, especially on a slippery road, may cause an accident”.

“Do not hold on a vehicle edge”.

“Each of you should not how dangerous it is to play on the pavement”.

“Passerby, keep in mind that brakes do not stop the car immediately!”

“Do not disturb others”.

“Driver! Come to your senses! Drinkdrive is a crime!”

“I never do this!”

“Bear wheels in mind! In 1925 two hundred people suffered under trams”.

“Got hitched, had a ride and came to hospital!”

“Drinkdrive is a crime!”

“Passers-by! Do not put your life in danger! If you see no paved road, walk only on the left side facing the moving traffic”.

“Parents! Explain your children the taffic rules”.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen! Please explain this to me – why do you show up in front of a bus?! Why do you rush against the traffic?!”

“Speed is chosen by a driver! Be careful!”


“40% of accidents are your fault, drivers!”

“Outdrive only being sure of the maneuver”.

“Drivers! Be attentive in crowded places!”

“Be a chauffeur, it is a ticket to the Soviet life”.

“Drivers! Keep in mind that alcohol blunts your vigilance, it may cause accidents and casualties”.

“Driver, breaking the rules at a railway crossing may cause a catastrophe!”

“Saved money and bought a car!”

“By breaking the rules you risk your life!”

“Drivers! When you hear a signal of an outdriving car, slow down and keep out!”

“Drivers! Accident-free work contributes to successful execution of a “Month’s safe traffic campaign “.

“Autodor Lottery – a motorcycle for 50 copecks!”

“Drivers! Outdriving in the zone of these signs is prohibited!”

“Driver! Violation of the speed regulations may cause an accident”.

“Look to the right when you get off a tram”.

“Grader driver! People transportation in a grader is forbidden!”


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4 Responses to “Road Safety Posters From the Soviet Past”

  1. Jon says:

    “Outdriving” is called “passing” in the US and “overtaking” in Britain but we understand one another in this matter.

  2. Creative Mind says:

    Old is Gold,
    So nice poster

  3. Mister Twister says:

    The first image was actually posted here before.

    Hooray for working memory!

  4. Mister Twister says:

    Page 4, image #2. That is some awkward pose for the woman to be in. She looks like she’s about to fall, and is suffering from muscle cramps.

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