2 Awesome Photos All Across Russia with Tilt Shift Manipulation

Awesome Photos All Across Russia with Tilt Shift Manipulation

Posted on March 25, 2015 by tim

We know this photographer, Slava, for being meticulously cool with the photos he make. Lately his main topic of interest was Russia from above – he visited different places across the country and photographed those from helicopters or small planes. And now he made something even more cool – probably one of the most nicely looking photo sets in a while. He took some selected best photos of Russia from above he took for last couple of years and transformed them in toy-like fashion. This technic is known as tilt-shift makes a regular photo looks unreal and like stepping out of children’s toy store. The blurred sidelines of the frame contribute to this effect. Like you see the photo of the Red Square and the Kremlin on top – isn’t it look pretty much unreal? Inside you can see really awesome collection of photos by Slava which he calls a “Toy-Like Russia”.

This post is a really beautiful set of photos and highly recommended to view!

Battleship Aurora in St. Petersburg.

Train station.


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2 Responses to “Awesome Photos All Across Russia with Tilt Shift Manipulation”

  1. Ronald says:

    If you look through all the pictures, there is -1- picture that is not a tilt-shift, but an actual small-scale model. Can you spot it?

  2. spv says:

    @ Ronald: Hydro plant? :)

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