19 Moldavia in Soviet Times

Moldavia in Soviet Times

Posted on March 24, 2015 by tim

So Moldavia was a sunny Soviet republic located in South-Eastern Europe, bordering Romania and known for its fine wines and Soviet pop star Sofia Rotaru. Basically, it was a nice place with pretty much warm climate compared to most of Russia, with long summers, golden fields of wheat and gardens with fruits. And to commemorate all this here is photo of Brezhnev surrounded by Moldavian women made during the “Golden Age” of Soviet Union during his visit to Moldavia. See more inside:

Moldavian wines were really popular and valued in Soviet state.

Some festive Moldavian folks.

Sportsmen of USSR came to Moldavia to compete.

The grape vineyards of Moldavia.

And wine making facilites.

Wines were awarded a lot both inside USSR and abroad.

Moldavian women working in the fields.

Men working too. The apple crops were huge there too.

And here are the samples of products the republic were in making – tomato paste, peas, tomatoe sauce, grape juice, apple paste etc etc.


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19 Responses to “Moldavia in Soviet Times”

  1. AnonymousLurker says:

    I really like the clothes the Moldavians are wearing. Similar to clothes in Poland, Ukraine, Russia…

  2. ed brown says:

    He was just like Putin, even better

  3. ariel says:

    @AnonymousLurker : The clothes are very similar with the Romanian clothes . They are Romanians . Not russians ,not polish ,not ukraininas . They write and speak romanian .

  4. ariel says:

    Not russians ,polish or ukrainian clothes. Romanian clothes . They are romanians . They write and speak romanian . They are latins . Moldavia was part of Romania .

  5. Tshuhna says:

    I was in Moldavia few years in soviet times. It is like little Romania, even language is the same. Before Brezhnev was 1. secretary communist party of Moldavia. Hes`s white palace is still there.

  6. Leo des Strehaie says:

    Looks like a Romanian village rozen in the pre-war era. It was a smart choice to build all their factories in the Transdniester. Now Moldova is a proper village, and still tries to reach the stage when they’ll make their own wheels and nails. And their Soviet wines? Hybrid cr@p…

  7. je says:

    moldavia was romanian province!until ussr.

    • Vera says:

      Moldova has never been a Romanian province. Moldova has been united with Romania for 21 years during the interwar period, as a consequence of Sfatul Tarii (The Council of the Country). Before commenting, please document yourself. In case you are lazy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moldova#Russian_Revolution_and_Greater_Romania

      • Piotr says:

        You are an ignorant, the most part of Republic of Moldova was occupied by the Tsarist Empire in 1812, other parts that were also occupied at the time were Bucovina and Bugeac, territories which remained in actual Ukraine.What remained of Moldova after the Tsarist Empire occupied almost half of it, united with Wallchia forming Romania in 1859.After WWI and the dissapearance of the Tsarist Empire, Moldova choosed to unite with the Romanian Kingdom, which has been separated from for many years.REAL Moldovans share the same traditions, language, heroes, poets and culture with Romanians, those who don’t, are either Russians, Gagauzians, Ukrainians, and so on, these are people who don’t belong to these lands and moved to the Moldovan SSR during Soviet times.

        • Kortese says:

          Very correct Piotr!
          I admire your comment because it contains the truth, from history!
          Congratulations for your post.

  8. Mandea says:

    Woow, look at those boxes full of candies! When was the last time you bought one of these?! Nowadays they sell you a box filled with a plastic holder and some candies, here and there. You buy plastic junk, not real sweets.
    The clothes “peasants” wear are not traditional ones. The real traditional ones are not identical like uniforms; they are handmade and different from others because each woman and man wanted to show their skills and to express their personalities.

  9. coolstorybro says:

    So is the next article going to be about the famine that the soviets caused here in the late 40s, the cases of cannibalism recorded during that time, and the thousands that died of hunger? Or about the deportations to Siberia labor camps, when TENS OF THOUSANDS were taken by force, stuffed in cattle carts, separated from their families, and sent halfway around the globe for the glory of the mighty USSR?

    • Bob says:

      So, following your logic, would a post on the glories of the USA have to be followed by a post on the butchery and destruction Americans perpetrated on American Indians? Or maybe a post on the fact that since WW2 the US is the #1 killer of foreigners worldwide?

  10. Stalin says:

    Pretty soon Moldavia will join the EU and be unificated with motherland Romania. Terrible and full of pain were the years it was occupied by the Soviet Union, with great atrocities from Russions against Romanians deported into Siberia, and the native Romanian population bastardized with Russians.

  11. George says:

    Wow, thanks for the post, really interesting look at the culture in the Soviet era. viticulture and wheat farming fascinating too.
    Have two of those industry’s in my part of the world

  12. pol says:

    beautiful! i will visit in summer… i met some young people from moldova. now, many are students in romania… what i realy like about them is the old romanian language they speak… is like in the old fery tales…

  13. Slaven says:

    Back in time when people were proud of their achievements and were working toward common good. After gorbachev infiltrated KPSU western stooge ruined everything on purpose for his idiotic perestroika glasnost.

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