10 First Days of German Nazi Invasion into USSR

First Days of German Nazi Invasion into USSR

Posted on March 24, 2015 by tim

Here we have a selection of photos from World War 2 or to be precise – from the first days when the German Wermacht has attacked Soviet Union. For example the first photo was made 21st of June at night. Hermann Goering (or Herman Herring), the second most powerful man in Germany and a founder of Gestapo reads aloud the order declaring the invasion should begin to other German generals. Next day the German minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels had his speech on the radio officially declaring the war with Russia.

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This photo is just two days after – Moscow – brigade of Red Army troops departed to the battlefront. In one week over 5,3 million people were called into service in Russia.

The sign reads “We are right. We will win. The enemy would be destroyed.”.

Same day – first bombardments of Russian cities. First bombs were dropped on Riga, Minsk, Smolensk, Odessa, Kiev and Sebastopol.

Same day. Nazi Germans cross the rivers on the border with Russia. Heavy clashes happening ashore.

Same day. German Reich Department of Affairs Minister Joachim Ribbentrop declares the beginning of the war with Soviet Union. The German newspapers called this a “preemptive strike, because Soviet Union has planned to attack us”.

Moscow, people trying chemical protection devices. Soviet authorities were afraid Germans would use chemical weapons against Russian army and civilians as it was widely used by Germans in World War I. However they say that United Kingdom has warned Hitler that if he uses chemical weapons against Soviets then England would bomb German cities with chemical bombs. So Hitler almost never used this kind of weapons except a few small occasions.

Everyday news bulletins were posted telling the people about the course of war. Moscow.

Same first day of War – people on the streets listen to Russian minister of foreign affairs speech on the radio. He told people that Germans attacked the country. He finished his speech with same words we saw above: “Our course is right. We will win. Enemy would be destroyed.”.

First Russian tanks burned in Belarus.

Volunteers came to army recruitment centers. Just in Moscow alone over 300,000 people joined the army in the first day of war!

One month later. A Nazi soldier in the fields of Belarus. The protectors of Belarus lost over 418,000 people dead in the first month alone.

Same month. A Luftwaffe (German air force) pilot shaves his face.


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10 Responses to “First Days of German Nazi Invasion into USSR”

  1. Mike from Ohio says:

    In my building there is an old couple from the Ukraine living downstairs. One day, the old man, Leonid told me: “When I was three, the Fascists come and burn my village!” Just, damn.

  2. lortea says:

    Not to forget that just 2 years before Russia invaded Poland and Baltic states together with Germans ally. There was also burned towns and villages, hundreds of thousands send to Siberia (many of whom died from cold and starvation), mass arrests among Poles, Balts, Ukrainians and others, mass executions etc, etc. Simply Russians did experienced after June 1941 the same fate they brought before to other nations.

  3. anyád says:

    “Nazi german” soldiers do this, “nazi german” soldiers do that. What about the german soldiers, who weren’t members of the nazi party? They stayed home?
    Russians should’ve really learned by now that not every german soldier was nazi.
    It’s like saying that every soldier in the red army was a communist. Everybody knows it’s impossible and it wasn’t that way.

    Not every german soldier was a nazi, and not every russian soldier was a communist. Learn that already, ffs.

    • Sergey says:

      To Lortea:
      Not to forget that :1)Russia didn’t ivade to Baltic states, because they used to be the part of Russian empire, and, they joined USSR on their own choise. 2)Tere were no “HUNDREDS OF THOUTHANDS” send to Siberia. There was only about 50 thousands from Baltic states (wiki) and no burned villages.
      And now reply to Anyad:
      Nobody claims that ALL the german solder was nazis. But despite not being nazis they were performed so terrible actions like burning alive whole village iclude women and children, and this is a proven fact.
      So, the point of this reply is following:
      Don’t you dare to teach us our history!

      • subcarpathia says:

        Sergey, and what can you tell us about the number of Poles killed by Soviets or send to Siberia after 17.09.1939? Cheek your “wiki” please…

  4. Stalin says:

    Picture 3 from page 4 is the same as the one in another article about Ukranians greeting Germans in WW2.

    Please make up your mind if you want to manipulate people.

    So you are recycling images however is most convenient for you …

    Nice KGB tactics …

  5. Tom says:

    where was the chickenshit Stalin ?

  6. Porky says:

    CAPTION ABOUT LITHUANIANS WRONG. Lithuanians were active and enthusiastic Jew Killers, who gleefully killed Jews, stole their property, and handed them over to the Nazis after beatings and torture. Many killed large numbers of Jews with no prompting whatsoever, as bad as the German.

  7. Atillas says:

    Worse, they were rounding up and killing their neighbors, people they have lived with, very often, for several centuries.
    Even today, Lithuania is pretty much a neo nazi state.

  8. source says:

    All idiots.
    German and Russians.

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