11 American Troops in Riga Latvia

American Troops in Riga Latvia

Posted on March 24, 2015 by tim

Riga is a capital of Latvia and Latvia was a part of Soviet Union for a few decades. Still a lot of Russian people in the city and the mayor of Riga said to be Russian by birth and by soul. So people there sometimes have pretty much pro-Russian moods going around the city. And a few days ago American troops were conducting a “Dragoon Ride” – demonstration of the army and equipment to the people of Riga. See inside how it were and what local said:

As the author of the photos says people have reacted differently for the appearance of USA soldiers in their city. Some were calling them “liberators” some were on contrary saying “occupants”.

The convoy entered the city from the side of Russian city Pskov (Latvia borders Russia here so it is very close to some of Russian cities) and went to the biggest neighborhood called “Purvciems” – some call this neighborhood biggest Russian neighborhood in the city.

There, in the neighborhood, near one of the grocery stores they parked the vehicles and conveyed a demonstration.

People arrived to take a look on NATO guns and combat vehicles.

The demonstration was very popular amongst kids.

And then the convoy moved to the city’s historical downtown.

But there they were met with much less people.

Some local celebrities arrived and thanks to them more people came to see the soldiers and the celebrities.

Then the column has left the city.

The comments here are translated author’s comments.

Hope you liked the show!

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11 Responses to “American Troops in Riga Latvia”

  1. Jerry says:

    Yea I like It And Im from Lithuania :D

  2. CZenda says:

    Local intertubes are bursting in seams :D
    Senile Commies are trying to organize protests in Prague. Bikers are organizing Harley-Davidson owners to block the red zombies from reaching their destination. Pilsen is, of course, organizing the meeting of WW2 Jeeps and Dodges including discount beer and bands playing country and western music.
    The joke of the day would be the Yanks changing their plans and crossing the country at 3 AM without anybody noticing them.

    • CZenda says:

      Just to wrap it up – number of protesting Commies in front of city hall in Pilsen – 30. Number of those welcoming Yanks – 500, another +/- 1000-1500 including the mayor waiting for them around the Memorial of Liberation (the weather was awful).
      Police had to cordon off the reds, otherwise they would be leaving the square with black eyes.

  3. CZenda says:

    …So Basicaly this mean that U.S. army Troops are
    Occupators on European soil!

  4. lortea says:

    Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians were more than happy to see American friends. Russians in those countries, if they are unhappy, should pack luggage and back to motherland. Unfortunately living in EU they have much better lives, services, salaries and pensions then in motherland to their only option is to drowning deeper and deeper in typical russian schizophrenia: hating Baltic states for not being under Russian control and being happy to live their, outside russian corrupted regime.

  5. Froggy says:

    Latvia is a NATO member & a sovereign country . It is well within its rights to welcome US troops on its territory.
    On the other hand it would be a mistake to see the USA as “friends” . They merely using Latvia to suit its purposes, probably the way Latvia is also using the US. America, like most countries, doesn’t have friends, just interests …

  6. Arjan says:

    It is unbelievable that the EU and US closes their eyes for all the extreme right wing shit which is currently going on in the Baltic States (and Ukraine)all for the sake of money. The Baltics should be kicked out of the EU rather sooner than later. To bad everybody forgot what choices the Baltics made in the past.

  7. to Arjan says:

    What choices they made then? To be part free and rule of law society? Russian choice is clearly know now. All European fascist parties were in St Peterburg. Why Russia gives money for European right wing parties? Lukashenka should kick out Russia from Eurasia Union :D

  8. Lunchmeat says:

    How do you know those are American Troops and not NATO forces? I see no American Flags on any of the vehicles or uniforms.

  9. Reader says:

    One of the “celebrities” in the picture that shows “celebrities” (second from the left) is actually Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis.

  10. Mike says:

    I would have preferred to see some Abrams tanks in that column, superior to any existing and proposed Russian tanks, including Armata. Too bad American tanks would rip up the roads too much. Too bad for Armata when its sensors will be blinded and shut off, crew will just sit there in a little metal coffin, deaf, dumb and blind, waiting for the final shot to finish them off.

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