1 Tubed Food of Soviet Cosmonauts

Tubed Food of Soviet Cosmonauts

Posted on March 23, 2015 by tim

A guy has visited a museum and made a photos of the tubed food Soviet cosmonauts used to eat while orbiting the Earth. Basically, this kind of “food out of tubes” was legendary especially among kids – everyone wanted to try those, but very few actually could get a grip on the tubes as they were strictly for the cosmonauts. Here, a few photos of what actually they looked like – like the ones on top include “Borsch” “Meat with veggies” “Russian sour soup made from sauerkraut”. What else did cosmonauts eat? A lot – including a tubed vodka and coffee. Yes, even the booze was legal for them. See more inside:

Looks a lot like a toothpaste but was not. And despite the price being printed on the tubes it’s still was not very realistic to find them in stores. Those above are some dishmade of cottage cheese  and a coffee with milk.


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    I have to say, this 3 pictures to a page thing is really annoying.

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