14 People Eating a Meal from the Shovel and a Sausage Rain

People Eating a Meal from the Shovel and a Sausage Rain

Posted on March 20, 2015 by tim

Russian bloggers were enraged recently by the photos of people that eat the meal that was served on the shovel to them. “They don’t have the dignity, behave worse than animals”, this were main arguments. However to me it looks pretty normal – just a practical way of serving something to a larger quantity of the seekers. Also its a free meal, they haven’t paid for it. More photos inside. Also there is a video of a “sausage rain” inside – another action that got people enraged and that was remembered in connection with shovel meals – some sausage company served airborne sausage boxes to some random field so people could run and snatch the free sausage.

So there was a huge frying pan to cook Russian pancakes or “Bliny”.

So it was cooked with shovels.

And people were waiting behind little fence for security reasons.

Then when it was ready (also see the airplane nose on the right) when it was ready and people got their mouths watered the serving has began.

Simple as this.

Coming to a fence and giving pieces of Russian pizza.

Hot and tasty probably.

Look how eager were people to give it a taste.

However some people compared it to this:



Or joked like this:


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14 Responses to “People Eating a Meal from the Shovel and a Sausage Rain”

  1. Slava Ukraine, U Dumb Fu*ks says:

    Animals! I don´t live in Russia, bu in our country we have big population of those people, Russians. Sadly… and wherever/whenever they have some opportunity to get somethind FREE, then same thing happens… dirty people gathering together and vehaving like animals. Well, not LIKE animals… All Russian scum should go back theyr home – Russia! And then… well… cleaner air.

    • Slava Ukraine, U Dumb Fu*ks says:

      But again… SLAVA Russia !!!
      I know that Russian would go to their Russia and with them they will bring Half of Ukraine, to Russia.
      But i as Ukrainian Perfectly Agree with that!

      Ukraine is Russia!

    • Yuri says:

      How long ago you have been released from a mental hospital? Or you still there? Don’t forget to take medicine!

  2. Tutan Camon says:

    Stupid peoples are everywhere on the planet Earth…You don’t have some roubles to buy something to eat???Morons.

  3. Muzzlehatch says:

    Fourth picture from the bottom: “Animal Farm” come to life!

  4. Adanedhel says:

    It is sad, in western countries we have also some festivals like this, but chefs are serving it with a little bit of noblesse. I feel sorry for common Russian citizens and his children.

  5. Slava Ukraine, U Dumb Fu*ks says:

    You can feed them shit, as long as it’s free!

  6. George says:

    Hey this is just a great community event! I would be a part of it, join in the fun!
    I think Adanedhel pretends he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth Lol

  7. Doktorskaya Grill says:

    Oh yeah!
    Russian love free food.
    Features and cheese and sausage.

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