3 After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool

After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool

Posted on March 18, 2015 by tim






A preschool teacher in day time, a vodka drinking gangster in the evening? Social networks of Chelyabinsk city were shocked when the photo of some young men with an unclear past was leaked to the Internet. Working in a preschool in the daytime, they seemed to use the place for planning their shadow double life things at night. More photos inside:

 detskiy_sad_04 detskiy_sad_03 detskiy_sad_02

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3 Responses to “After Hours of Chelyabinsk Preschool”

  1. yagur says:

    Typical representatives of Russia during Putin’s regime…Putin is bloody dictator and wish death to all Russian. He is just fucking Tatar

  2. dagar says:

    I dunno, it shows a few guys crashing in a preschool. Maybe they’re gangsters, maybe they’re just friends of the school’s owner (or an employee). Hard to tell. I don’t like Putin either, but this isn’t his doing.

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