11 Photos of Ukrainian Soldiers March 2015 near Volnovakha

Photos of Ukrainian Soldiers March 2015 near Volnovakha

Posted on March 15, 2015 by tim

There is a ceasefire in force in Ukraine now, however most of the regiments haven’t been sent home but just stay “in fields” just a few kilometers to the east from where they have been before, according to the Minsk agreement. Those are photos that the soldiers themselves make and post around in the networks – from a regiment camping near Novognatovka village in Volnovakha area. See inside their photos:

No comments just photos. Here you can see kids send them letters with drawings.



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11 Responses to “Photos of Ukrainian Soldiers March 2015 near Volnovakha”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    So this is the huge bunch of Russian soldiers who invaded Ukraine;) Something for the cookie lady.
    God bless those who seeks peace.

  2. Froggy says:

    So sad to witness this Slav civil war engineered by the West…

  3. iii says:

    So, I learned a new thing about Ukraine- apparently the leaves are yellow during the spring. I wonder will their flowers bloom at the autumn?

  4. Patron says:

    always drunk and dirty…

  5. Botik Klopik says:

    Are these guys those bandits who kill civillians — old people, women and children (even babies)? Shame on you, English-Russia :( No need to give a credit to neo-Nazis :(

    • aqmut says:

      And another victim of the russian brainwashing system. It seems the propaganda works well on you or at least you swallow it well.

  6. George says:

    very revealing pictures…
    looks like civies with guns and nasty attitudes, being heroes.
    This situation didnt have to be.
    forcefully deposing an elected government led to this. The maiden aims could have been gained at the next elections, without a disastrous war.
    so much for revolutions

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