6 Moscow in Color in 1931

Moscow in Color in 1931

Posted on March 6, 2015 by tim

They say that these photos were made in 1931 but then lost for a long time, until recently they have surfaced in an archive, already in color. It’s obvious they were not originally been made in color but was colorized, however the timing of this is not known – they might be colorized at the time of making. Anyways a pretty stunning collection of everyday Russian people life in the capital back in 1931!


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6 Responses to “Moscow in Color in 1931”

  1. Martinus van Brederode says:

    Truely fascinating. I wonder who took them?

    Near the top there’s a photo with a sign about a museum, mentioning ‘1937’ and the car on the last photo is also on another picture. I wonder if they are part of a collection or a themed set?

    The thirties were a difficult time for many Soviet people. Yet these photos show normal street life and also religion-related scenes. I’m intrigued.

  2. Plazma says:

    Second page, second photo from the bottom – Ronald Weasley why are you in Moscow ???

  3. Tutan Camon says:

    @Adi Adrian:I SAW nu i see……

  4. sammakkokeitto says:

    First list, photo 8 is not Moskva – its students of agrotechnical college from asian republik. Photo 18 is out of Moskva city its a Moskva river out of city maybe Marino or Zukovskiy area, not far from capital.

  5. sammakkokeitto says:

    On some photo its not a territory of city its VDNH – a big park-musisum now its near VDNH subway metro station, but that time it was not in Moskva, it was a village

  6. Jerry says:

    Already in 1907 colour photography was commercially available (autochrome) so these pictures need not necessarely been coloured in later!

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