2 Himalayan Bear Cubs in Khabarovsk

Himalayan Bear Cubs in Khabarovsk

Posted on March 4, 2015 by tim

Illegal hunters have shot down the bear mom of those cubs so now they were left with those women in the Khabarovsk non-commercial veterinary activists center. “Those are not our first bear cubs. Each spring traditionally we get the bear cubs left without their moms because of the illegal hunt”. There are some more photos inside:

“The hunters kill big bears but they can’t kill the cubs, so they bring them and drop at the doorsteps of road cafes, houses etc. Those twos were left on the doorstep of people I know a couple of weeks ago. They gave them to me then. The cubs were even smaller. They are month and a half old now.”, says the woman.

“They are not suited for the wild nature yet and maybe never. They need to stay with people now.”.

There are some ways to adapt those bears for a wildlife – for example the human they know stays with them for over eight months in forests while they don’t get used for such living, then their “shepherd” leaves.

However they don’t have funds for this sort of operation this year.

Natalia, the woman, asks publicly from the pages of her blog – if someone knows the pilots who can take the bears aboard a plane and transfer them from Khabarovsk to Moscow (over 8,000 km) she would be happy to send them to Moscow, there is a special hosting house for the bears.


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  1. Chainsaw Eddie says:

    That breed of bear is notoriously bad tempered when grown.

  2. sam says:

    Give me a way to send you money

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