8 Photos of Active Russian Destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov

Photos of Active Russian Destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov

Posted on March 2, 2015 by tim

An “Udaloy”-class Russian destroyer “Marshal Shaposhnikov” was laid down in 1985. It serves in Russian navy in the Pacific Fleet. This ship participated in a few operations in Arden bay – the home of Somali pirates. If you remember the videos of Soviet sailors fighting pirates this is probably was shot from this ship. It’s hard to get aboard as its in active Navy service however Russian blogger Alex S. has managed to do this and now we have the photos here:

History of the destroyer in Russian. “Since March 2014 – serving in the Indian ocean”.

In 2010 the crew has also participated in Somali pirate conflict. They have rescued the captured Russian oil tanker “Moscow University”. It was attacked and taken by pirates 240 miles off the Somali coast.

“Not everyone can get a chance to get photos like this, Alex!” say other photographers to the blogger.

“Yes, I got lucky a bit!”, answers Alex.

Those photos of the destroyer were made in Vladivostok – Russian city on the Pacific coast.


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8 Responses to “Photos of Active Russian Destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov”

  1. ed brown says:

    Rusty and obsolete. Too old for anything serious.
    But it is a good excuse for many young men to waste their time by maintaing this old crap in working condition and doing useless and boring drilling exercises.

    Russians are proud of their destroyers because they don’t have creators anymore.

    • Ratko says:

      Rusty and obsolete is your presence on this world

    • nikoliy says:

      Obviously spoken by someone with no real knowledge of naval warfare…
      The two missile pods that are mounted on that ship contain 8 of the most capable anti ship missiles in the world.
      All 8 3M80 missiles can be launched in 20 seconds at range of 120-90 km with the maximum speed of mach 3 and at the altitude of less then 20m. This will give the target 30 seconds to do something about them…
      No western missile comes close to the performance.

      • Orel says:

        They are Metel anti-submarine missiles, not Moskit AShMs. Admiral Chabanenko was the only ‘Udaloy’ that carries Moskits.

        • nikoliy says:

          I stand corrected…
          they should refit them with 3m80s, Russia has plenty of submarines to combat enemy subs but needs more surface combat ships.

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    Ed, how long were you in the Navy?

  3. Froggy says:

    Russian Navy must be doing something right as Russia enjoys one of the lowest piracy victim rate.

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