3 Shuldan Tower in Crimea

Shuldan Tower in Crimea

A blogger Sergey has visited a "very special" as he calls place in Crimea called Shuldan. It has a rock standing
monastery and this tower is its chapel. Sergey has made some  photos there, so let's see what's this place is about:

4 New Ukrainian Tank

New Ukrainian Tank

Ukrainian tank factory in Kharkiv presented a new vehicle these days - their take on a tank mixed up with a ligher armored fighting vehicle. They gave it the name BMP-64 and for
now only two test specimen were produced, both of them are on those photos. Just a few photos but maybe you want to take a look what Ukrainian military is up to now:

1 Photos of Younger Boris Yeltsin

Photos of Younger Boris Yeltsin

Some photos of the first Russian president has surfaced recently from some private archives of him bit younger than we used him all to know. As young as a schoolboy and then making his way upwards - first a communist authority of the Yekaterinburg (or
Sverdlovsk at time) region and later on a federal level. For example the first photo here is Boris Yeltsin with some of his student mate both eating buckwheat porridge or Kasha. If you like to see more of those - welcome inside of this posting:

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