12 The Looters of Chernobyl

The Looters of Chernobyl

The blogger Maxim is a pretty frequent visitor in the Chernobyl exclusion area. "The looters have been there always. First wave was right after the explosion. This first wave was stealing everything - home appliances, carpets, etc etc. Everything people have left in rush of urgent evacuation. The
authorities tried to fight those. They have put alarms on all the apartment building lobby doors across Pripyat. Then the armed BRDM (army fighting vehicle) was moving around the city and reacted on the alarm cases. Then the second wave has began in 2000s...". Let's read more:

30 Abandoned Scrapyard of Soviet MAZ Trucks

Abandoned Scrapyard of Soviet MAZ Trucks

Vladimir the blogger went to the scrap yard of Soviet military MAZ trucks (now Belarusian make). He went there last summer but published
photos only now, so lets see some summer photos and plenty of abandoned Soviet heavy military machinery inside, thanks to Vlad:

9 Russian Village in Photos of Elena Shumilova

Russian Village in Photos of Elena Shumilova

Elena is a photographer and a mom of two. She lives in Russian village and makes some sort of awesome photos of her kids together with the village animals (and
birds!). She bought her first camera just in 2012 and it turned out she was pretty right with doing so! Let's see a few more of her works inside:

5 Luxury in the Trash

Luxury in the Trash

People of this suburb of Omsk - Russian city in Siberia - were surprised to see that a big snow pile they had in their neighborhood - where some
people used to dump trash, plastic bags, empty boxes and alike - turned to be that this pile is a Jaguar luxury car. See inside:

10 Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

According to the rumors that are being spread in Russian social networks lately there are over 800 shops, cafes and so on have been closed in Moscow alone since the year started. They say that the main reasons might be the national currency price which is now two
times less than it was last summer. The blogger Ilya - who we are really fond of for his nice photos of Moscow and other places - has went into the city to make photos and understand by himself are the shops really closing and why this might be:

23 One Weird Soviet Car

One Weird Soviet Car

Close to the Soviet collapse most of the Soviet cars were really outdated both in terms of design and technical part as well (interestingly, some of them are in production even now, twenty more years later - but this is a different story). So Soviet top
engineers of the leading few car makers were trying to improve and invent something better looking and more comfortably moving. This is one of such projects that hasn't went into mass production though. Let's see bit more inside:

1 Russian Atomic Ice Breakers Up Close

Russian Atomic Ice Breakers Up Close

Thanks to one more photographer, Alexey K, there is one more look on the Russian atomic icebreakers  stationed in the city of Murmansk. We won't go into much detail with
this one but the photos are pretty much impressive - like this first one - of the ice breaker called "Soviet Union". It's not active now. See more inside:

1 Russian Airport Trucks with Jet Engine

Russian Airport Trucks with Jet Engine

Yes, it really has a jet engine, the same one that MiG-15 and MiG-17 jets had. Those are pretty old jet engines, one of the first Soviet ones, and not used widely on the planes any more, but has got new life when mounted on the
airport trucks. Alexander, Russian photographer and aviation enthusiast has taken an effort to visit an airport and make some nice photos. Thanks to him  we will learn why the trucks have jet engines installed:
2 A Store Looking like a Giant Truck

A Store Looking like a Giant Truck

  This is a giant truck is not a truck but a store. Owners have disguised their store in this way like it looks some sort of sleeping auto-bot from
the movie. It was recognized by local Russian Guinness Record book and the owners want it to be included into the worldwide record book.
2 Russian Sliding Dance

Russian Sliding Dance

    I am not sure if we posted something like this here - but anyways - this is a traditional Russian dance and its perform in such technique like the girls go sliding around like they are on ice. Just take a look - you can rewind to the
middle of the video to get into the action. They say its been done by special stepping one by one putting feet very close to each other.  Here they dance "Beryozka" or "Little Birch Tree".        

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