8 Russians Play with a Bear

Russians Play with a Bear

Remember a bear yesterday that people were feeding from a window? Now another video confirming that bears do walk around at least in some Russian cities: a young bear cheerfully jump around group of people (including
kids). The animal is playful and funny and runs around and jumps and eats food people share it. Also one guy commands it and says "come here! get out of the road there are cars!". Video is inside:

11 Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination

Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination

Firefighters started cleaning up radioactive contamination in Chernobyl immediately after the incident happened, but it lasted for a couple of years. Often the operation to clean contaminated
radioactive dust from the buildings was as simple as this - a firefighters squad arrived to a district and just washed off the dust of the concrete buildings. Photos are inside:

5 Russian Artist Aleksey Butirskij

Russian Artist Aleksey Butirskij

Alexey Butirskij is a contemporary Russian artist, born in 1974 in Moscow. He participated in numerous expositions across the world, with over twenty five exhibitions in USA.
What people maybe attract to his pieces most is the feeling of the inner light, luminosity. Just look at those windows or inside of the tram. Inside there are more:

3 Beauty of Caucasus Mountains: the Dombai Resort

Beauty of Caucasus Mountains: the Dombai Resort

Russian photographer Grigorych has visited one of the Caucasian mountain skiing resorts - Dombai and has
brought some really picturesque photos back from there. Sort of a winter fairy tale. Want to take a look?

32 Not a Pack of Pencils

Not a Pack of Pencils

Those are not the pack of pencils, its something different. It's a "Hurricane" rocket complex stationed as a
monument near Russian factory producing them. Just a few photos to explore the similarity to pencils:

6 Shipping thru the Arctics at Night

Shipping thru the Arctics at Night

"Night in the Arctics is not consistent thru year - in summer its shiny and bright in winters it's almost all  day it is dark.  When you go thru Arctics route you cross nine Russian timezones, and your on board clock show its own time. So it might be a
night according to the ship clock but day outside. So let's assume that's night in Arctics is the time of the day when its dark", says Dmitry L, Russian blogger and traveller who posted those awesome photos from the Arctics. Want to see more?
3 Russian Bear in the Window

Russian Bear in the Window

Like, in Russia, people say that abroad people say about Russia that they have bears on the streets. And like laugh about this - how stupid might be foreigners thinking that we, civilized people, have the bears on the street. Well,
what else have people to think after seeing a video of people feeding stray bears from the comfort of their house (or apartment) just putting some food on the window sill? See the video for the "shocking details":

8 Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

They say that this is a unique and the only survived complex of coastal defense with a special weapon which was targeting excessively underwater vessels. Aya, the urban explorer which prefers the top-secret locations, has
again surprised us and visited this unique surviving structure: "There is a rumor that there is one more complex like this in this region but nobody yet found it", says Aya. Let's see what she saw there!

9 People Still Live Here

People Still Live Here

Russian blogger Alexander, pretty much popular local blogger, was traveling to Russian region Karelia - an area bordering Finland in North-West part of Russia and then in one small town he said he was attracted by a wooden house that according to him was in rather shocking condition. That's what he
says:  "I was walking around and found this house. You won't believe people still live inside. People tend to get used to everything. I was afraid to get inside of others people house but my curiosity took over and I made a step in". Want to see more? We can, thanks to Alexander:

4 Russian Kamchatka Hit by Snow Storm

Russian Kamchatka Hit by Snow Storm

Meanwhile Russian region Kamchatka is hit by snowstorm, once again. The region is known to be a
leader in amount of snow around Russia and it yet proved to be true. Here are some photos:

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