13 Inside of Russian Army Rocket Regiment

Inside of Russian Army Rocket Regiment

Posted on February 26, 2015 by tim

On 20th February the Governor of one Russian region was visiting the 39th Russian Rocket Regiment. The press was coming along with a governor and so did Nikolay, the photographer. Now, thanks to Nikolay we can see what’s inside the closed and secured doors of Russian rocket regiment. The story is inside:

“After we arrived we went to the barracks”, said Nik.

They had inside a display of contemporary uniforms and private belongings of the soldiers of the rocket forces.

The AKC74 gun with a tube.

A hand machine gun RPK74

Another hand machine gun PKM.

A hand grenade launcher RPG-7B.

Snipers Dragunov gun and a Simonov rifle.

An automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 “Flame”. Looks like something out of Star Wars to me.

The soldiers sleep on bunked beds inside the barracks.


There should be lot of cleaning done before governor’s arrival.

The army skis.

The study classroom.

And now the governor has arrived to check what they got on display for him.

The colonel tells the governor that their main armaments in this regiment are medium range ground based mobile missiles. Like this SS-20 “Pioneer”

The soldiers dressed in the new uniform. Look like mannequins but those are real people.

See – he blinked.

The average salary is around 38,000 roubles a month which is roughly $700. Before last year russian currency drop it was $1400.


Why do the officials where those similar  black leather coats? Is it their turn to show the uniforms to soldiers?

You see those two guys on the right? These is a display of new Russian army sports uniform.

Nikolas says that the guard was standing all the time there without moving.

This is a safe room to store guns.

When the governor has left the atmosphere became more relaxed says the blogger. So they asked the soldiers to pose with the guns.

Look at this optic sight!

The girl is also a soldier in this regiment. She is a mechanic-telephonist.

The helmets.


Outside a few BTRs were on display.

This time they didn’t showed off the missiles themselves.

And this is a cafeteria for the soldiers.

With the samples of the meals soldiers do get. This is a “BREAKFAST” sample table. Raviolli, bread, coffee, milk, candies, butter, one egg.

And a “LUNCH” table. Lunch gives guys a choice out of a few menu options. Borsh, potatoes, KASHA, macaroni, soups etc etc.

And this is a dinner.

And looks like we got a cook here!

The conveyor for the food.

And a salad bar with pickles etc.

Hope you liked this little trip!

Great thanks to Nik! Here is his sight:


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13 responses to “Inside of Russian Army Rocket Regiment”

  1. Gringo says:

    Nice trigger discipline.

  2. ed brown says:

    Nice weapons. Very soon these things will kill Ukrainans in Donbass and destroy their homes.

    • ed brown says:

      I forgot to say that… old that Soviet Weapons Used by
      Ukrainian Nazi Forces will Kill Ukrainian Russian speakers in Donbass and destroy their homes.

    • Ratko says:

      Nobody is interested in your political views. Go to another site if you cant this.

    • Tom says:

      To most of us Ukrainians or Russians are no difference, who speak the same language, share the same culture, foods, and practically are no different from the outside. Your hatred is hardly understandable. Maybe you have been brainwashed by the old Soviet war machine. It’s such a sad state of internal or foreign relations.

    • George says:

      I fully agree with Ratko. Please go to another site Ed Brown.

  3. ed brown says:

    I am just curious, aren’t these people bored. These people look at old soviet machine guns as if they have not see them before. Young guys spending their times standing motionless like statues. Aren’t they bored?

  4. Tutan Camon says:

    “Look at this optic sight!” Like a camel toe!!!

  5. Truerequem says:

    so stupid comments….

  6. Dema says:

    Great story and pictures.

  7. Chico says:

    I’ll take the automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 & the girl please.

  8. George says:

    Really interesting seeing how a Russian barracks looks. Everyone sleeps in the same room, Skies, the different uniforms esp the sports and parade outfits! mess food is also very interesting. No one would get overweight in the Russian army surely (excepting the chef perhaps). I did not realize Russian army enlisted females either. What would her job be? Thanks for the great post!

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