2 Russian Tank Biathlon 2015 Regional Games

Russian Tank Biathlon 2015 Regional Games

Posted on February 23, 2015 by tim

In Russian army there is some not usual event they have every year since recently. They call it "The Tank Biathlon". Sort of big bunch of tanks with colored flags each compete for some targets. But because this is a pan Russian game they need to supply only a few teams so they have pre-qualification games in regions to select the best of the best to  go compete in federal tournament. So these are the regional games among a few tank regiments of Russia. Yuri, the photographer, has visited those and here are some photos:

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All tanks that participate in a game are T-72B. Those appeared in Russian army first in 1984 and still are in majority after last year Ministry of Defense dropped the use of T-80 tanks.

The red one is ready to go.


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