11 Meanwhile in Donetsk

Meanwhile in Donetsk

Posted on February 23, 2015 by tim

Meanwhile in one of the schools of Donetsk city.

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11 Responses to “Meanwhile in Donetsk”

  1. aldebaran says:

    childish at best… stupid at most

  2. Bob says:

    Using a school to hide troops, shooting inside said school and striking fashist poses. Yeah, Novarossya alright. Bringing together communists, fashists, radical orthodox christians and all other kinds of radicals. At least the russian paratroopers do not play around doing insanly stupid stunts.

  3. Anton says:

    it’s just some young militiamen using a coat of arms of ukraine for target practice. in donetsk, such symbols are usually thrown in the trash or left to pile up in the streets. nobody wants to see them here.

    the school was not active and was used only to deploy a small number of troops when it was completely safe. the ukrainian troops did the same thing when they entered secondary school number 13. the guy on 0:40 says “‘¡no pasarán!” – it’s a spanish slogan used to express determination to defend a position. there is nothing fascist about it, he simply says “they shall not pass!”

    most people here in novorossiya are far from being radicals of any sort, we are just ordinary people, patriotic and with conservative values – neither communists nor radical orthodox christians etc. yesterday we celebrated defender of the fatherland day in donetsk, many of our militiamen and their families were present there, and surprisingly to you, there were no radicals – no marxists, fascists (“fascist” is an insult here), religious fanatics or anything like that. just ordinary people, like those living in kharkiv, odessa or anywhere in russia.

    • Alain says:

      Funny : I see plenty of photos of fascists, religious fanatics and marxists fighting for Novorossiya. The religious fanatics from Russia and the marxists and fascists from both. Maybe you should sort better your supporters…

      • Anton says:

        funny: as a native to donbass, i haven’t met any real marxists and fascists here for ages. but since there are thousands of people fighting on the side of novorossiya today, there is nothing surprising that there are SOME radicals among them – i’ve seen photos of a few far-right nationalists fighting on our side as well as photos of neo-nazis (with swastika tattoos on their backs and shoulders) who were called up to serve in the ranks of the ukrainian army and fought against us. does it change anything? nope. because both among the rebels and among the regular ukrainian troops (not the far-right ukrainian paramilitary groups like the azov battalion, which is full of neo-nazis) they make up only the smallest part of those engaged in the war. you can find “plenty of photos of fascists, religious fanatics and marxists” serving in the ranks of the us army, for example (for religious fanatics, type “nidal hasan” in the search box), and then brand it as “an army of radicals”. it just doesn’t make any sense. if you ever come here to donetsk, you will hardly find even a small bunch of marxists, neo-nazis or religious zealots living here and defending the borders.

        • Darius says:

          It’s nice to have some real discussion instead of just eruption of emotions, that often happens these days on Internet.

          I have a serious question about Donbas. Why until this day there are two “republics” – DNR and LNR? I mean, the goals seam to be the same, the “enemies” also, the history is the same, people are the same, and also to my knowledge there were no such DNR or LNR in the past. There was the Novorosia idea, but it looks like at least for now it has died. Why people do not “unite” into one “republic”?

          • Alain says:

            Because there are plenty of “petits chefs” (“little Hitlers” seems to be the colloquial translation in English, although it will be badly interpreted here, but so be it…), who do not want to lose their little power and sources of easy (stolen) money…

            Whatever, one or two, they now deserve to live their own live, like Crimea. We’ll see if they are really happy with it…

  4. Tutan Camon says:

    Very smart people!!!Nut brains!Bravo!

  5. Pom2Ter says:

    When you think they can’t get more stupid then they already are… continue to make people think you are a bunch of fucking imbecile… Whats the point of shooting in a classroom? don’t you have anything better to do? maybe if you paid any attention when you were a kid sitting in one of these classrooms you’d have the brain of a man instead of a chimp…

  6. The Stegosaurs says:

    Impossible to respect these morons.

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