6 Shipping thru the Arctics at Night

Shipping thru the Arctics at Night

Posted on February 19, 2015 by tim

“Night in the Arctics is not consistent thru year – in summer its shiny and bright in winters it’s almost all  day it is dark.  When you go thru Arctics route you cross nine Russian timezones, and your on board clock show its own time. So it might be a night according to the ship clock but day outside. So let’s assume that’s night in Arctics is the time of the day when its dark”, says Dmitry L, Russian blogger and traveller who posted those awesome photos from the Arctics. Want to see more?

The first photo above was showing a view that captain of the ship has while going thru the dangerous Northern Route.

And this is how it is around the ship.

Dmitry says that the air around is very condensed so light reflects and makes such effects.

Sometimes ship get stuck like this oil tanker and wait for the icebreaker to come.

To get noticed by an icebreaker the ship turns on all its lights.

When the clouds are low the  lights from the ship reflect from the skies.

And also Dmitry says that sunsets and dawns are tremendously nice looking there.

Here the icebreaker starts “liberating” the convoy of tankers stuck in the ice.

Giant ships seem small from a distance.

But when come closer it looks bigger. This one was built by Finland in 1987.


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6 Responses to “Shipping thru the Arctics at Night”

  1. Ben says:

    Anyone knows how to get a board such a vessel as a traveler? Once i read about a route from a German harbour to St. Petersburg but i can not find this anymore…,

    • ED says:

      The author of these photos – Captain nuclear icebreaker. Try to ask him on the site, in comments to the posts, he answers questions and speaks in English

  2. john says:

    Super cool photos

  3. Bob in NJ says:

    Absolutely amazing

  4. Douglas says:

    Very eerie….strange and silent.

  5. Bob in NJ says:

    Nothing short of Pulitzer Prize photography. Really.

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