32 Not a Pack of Pencils

Not a Pack of Pencils

Posted on February 19, 2015 by tim

Those are not the pack of pencils, its something different. It’s a “Hurricane” rocket complex stationed as a monument near Russian factory producing them. Just a few photos to explore the similarity to pencils:

Basically the “Hurricane” rocket complex doesn’t look like this.

Real “Hurricane” looks like this:


But probably the designers of the monument decided they have a creative freedom to express their look on this thing and made this artistic version of it.

And those are things near by, just for the contrast.

And thanks to Vedmed for the photos!


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32 Responses to “Not a Pack of Pencils”

  1. Alain says:

    The same that shot at Ukraine from Russian territory last summer. And directly inside Ukrainian territory ever since then ?


    • sergei says:

      i seriously doubt that, what you have been told is lies, the whole media is trying to make russia look bad. i never trust any news source as they only want to make sales by making up stories.

      • Alain says:

        You can seriously doubt. I double checked (easily as it is open source), with a friend of mine who is a military. He validated the analysis and I validated the source points (in Russia, so many of them) and in Ukraine (so many of them, too). I know it’s bad to live as citizen of an aggressor country. I have lived that with Libya (but at least, we did not lie to the whole world, then). The best to do is to fire the responsible (the president) – we did it and I’m very happy with it. And afterwards, to sue him at the ICJ. Not done yet, but it will ultimately happen. And I’ll be utterly happy then. Even if it will not bring back to life the Libyans who have been killed because of this private life…

        Here, the demise of Putin will not bring back to life the thousands of Ukrainian brothers who have been killed by the Russian forces…

    • Jim says:

      Yeh, the exact same one. Disarmed outside of a factory!

    • CZenda says:

      Yeah, BM-27. Comes handy when someone needs to blow a line of hungry pensioners to smithereens.

    • Bugs Bunny says:

      Senator Inhofe Shows Fake Photos of Ukraine War.
      Sen. J.Inhofe OK said in a statement:-“I was furious to learn … the photos provided now appears to be falsified from an AP photo taken in 2008…”
      “…German TV Channel Publishes False Pictures on Ukraine Conflict… group behind the complaint against ZDF — showed, the picture was taken in 2009 in South Osethia, where Russian peace-keeping forces were deployed.” And so on and so forth… Porkies – you make me laugh…

    • Alain says:

      Oh sorry it is the same one that Ukrainian Nazi forces from kiev shot at peaceful demonstrants in Donetsk, after that Citizens have no doubt that Kiev wants to exterminate them so they take guns from nearby Ukrainian army depots to Defend themselves from Kiev Inaders!

  2. ed brown says:

    This is a perfect weapon against Ukrainians.
    Russians designed it specifically with Ukraine in mind.
    It cannot be used in a conventional war since it is not very accurate and is an easy prey for American drones,
    but in a hybrid war it is a wunderwaffe. Russians can launch these rockets from Russian territory and kill Ukrainians from many miles away.

  3. Darkness_99 says:

    Alain, and what about the 130+ of Ukraine’s “Hurricanes”, at what were they firing? Lets google a bit…
    Hospital and kindergarten in Donetsk were fired in Donetsk, February 4, from systems Hurricane from the South-West direction, is reported in the special report of the monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine.

    “Observers have visited the scene of the fire in the Kirov district of Donetsk city hospital? 27 and kindergarten? 381. According to the traces of tears, the fire was made from multiple rocket systems (MLRS) type MLRS BM-27 Uragan from South-South-West “, – reported in the treatment of observers.

    Authorized OSCE stressed that one of the rockets fell on the Playground near the building of the kindergarten, which was damaged by debris. Another rocket struck a strong destruction of the fasade of the hospital.

    The Ministry of internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic on Wednesday, February 4, announced the death of five people when hit in 27 of the hospital in a quarter of the textile worker in Donetsk on Wednesday, five people were injured.
    So, the South-West. And just another war crime for Ukraine’s armed forces.

    • Tony says:

      Do not believe russian propaganda. This country lies to the world from year 1917.

    • Alain says:

      Very easy : they are firing at Russian invaders, with Russian-made, imprecise weapons. Hence some mistakes. Without Russian invaders, no war. Thanks warmongering Russia : you are level with the US…

    • Alain says:

      Oh sorry it is the same one that shot at Russia from Ukrainian territory last summer.
      the same one that Ukrainian Nazi forces from kiev shot at peaceful demonstrants in Donetsk, after that Citizens have no doubt that Kiev wants to exterminate them so they take guns from nearby Ukrainian army depots to Defend themselves from Kiev Inaders!

  4. Darkness_99 says:

    So, the EU OSCE reports are Russian propaganda …I don’t even know how to comment on this.

  5. Darkness_99 says:

    Ok, from this comment section we have learned, that the top general in charge of the whole Ukie operation is probably a traitor (of course he is, as his words do not coincide with Alain’s here)
    Also, we have learned, that the use of heavy area-effect weapons against densely populated areas, hitting kindergartens, hospitals is ok, and no longer a war crime, and that the OSCE is bought up by the Russians as well.
    Nice job, guys, but I’m afraid, that you wont be paid for this kind of propaganda, to crazy even by todays standards

    • Alain says:

      I never said that the use against densely populated areas were not a warcrime. What is a war crime is using civilian places to fire. And Russians do it all the times (here again, plenty of evidence, even here on English Russia some weeks ago). Shooting back is not a war crime (I am not sure on this, and may be wrong). Shooting specifically and directly to civilian premises is a warcrime (like Mariupol, do you remember, Darkness ? Oh, by the way, nice pseudo. Very in line with your positions. At least I do not use a pseudo and, no, I am not paid. I do not need that for a life. By the way, how is the life on ulitsa Savushkina 55 ? :)

      Regarding OSCE, you perfectly know that most of its teams in Ukraine are… Russian (hence its obvious lack of efficiency). And, yes, some of the top officials are still sold to Russia, unfortunately. Hence the need for lustration, which has not been efficient yet. Which officials are sold to Russia, we will know for sure over the coming days and weeks…

      Have a nice time at the end of your shift, and say hello to your colleagues from France ;)

  6. Alain says:

    Sometimes I do (Mariupol), sometimes I don’t (many times earlier).

    Any way : there are war crimes on both sides. And there is an easy way to stop any war crimes, that the Russian army leaves Ukraine, where it has nothing to do.

    A COUNTRY DOES NOT INVADE ITS NEIGHBOR without UN mandate. WHATEVER THE REASON. Whether it is France, the US, Spain, China, Russia or ANY country. The invader is ALWAYS wrong, whatever it does. Just because it is the invader.

    New shift at Savushkina 55, SpecialFlower ? How is the weather, this morning, in St Petersburg ? You do not sign with your real name ? You are not proud of what you write ?

    • SpecialFlower says:

      While I agree with 75% of what you say, your reasoning leaves something to be desired. Choosing to support OSCE based on how it depicts x is a prime example.

      There’s no St. Petersburg in New Zealand, by the way~

  7. Darkness_99 says:

    Them Internets are cool, if you don’t know what to say on topic, then discussing the opponents nickname is the perfect option). By the way, although I completely missed the idea behind most of your last post, your Russian transliteration skills are fine (“ulitsa” and other stuff). Are you sure, you are not from Russia/Ukraine? That would explain a lot =)

    And now back to the war crimes topic:
    Ukrainian army dugs in meters away from apartment buildings to use them as cover= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LzEx03UQFI

    Ukie soldiers use guntrucks, painted as ambulances = http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=229793&d=1423344449

    Ukrainian army use ambulances to carry troops and ammo =

    Ukrainian army use ambulances to tow guns, Genève convention – whut? With support of US and EU who cares about that)

    Massive area bombardment of Luhansk at night – another punitive strike against the locals, same in Syria, same in Ukraine – the only difference – Kiev regime has a cart blanche from the West, and Assad’s regime – does not.


    and the aftermath – lots of “military targets” in apartment blocks successfully destroyed =

  8. Alain says:

    Well, Mister Russky, I perfectly respect your position as a supporter of the invading country, as you seem to think that’s a perfectly respectable stance in your neighborhood. It’s not mine. Mine is that, whatever the reason, NO COUNTRY HAS ANY RIGHT TO INVADE ANY OTHER COUNTRY WITHOUT UN MANDATE.

    So, you can post whatever you like : as long as the Russian army is in Ukraine, you are on the wrong side. Like the Americans in 2003 in Iraq or the French in 2011 in Libya. I’m happy, to date, to have always chosen the right side ;) Even if I had to deal with loonies like you all the time ;)

    • Darkness_99 says:

      Alain, just one remark – you would look more convincing, if you give some prooflinks and stuff to uphold your position, like I do) I mean the real ones, not some fanboy analysis and quotes from imaginary military friends =)

    • Slaven says:

      If Putin didnt come to power Russia would have been long time ago divided by western mafia in like 4 or 5 smaller countries and exploited for cheap for western interest. The whole Ukraine crysis is western doing. Go troll elsewhere.

    • Ratko says:

      Just like the Americans invaded Serbia in 1999??

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