11 Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination

Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination

Posted on February 19, 2015 by tim

Firefighters started cleaning up radioactive contamination in Chernobyl immediately after the incident happened, but it lasted for a couple of years. Often the operation to clean contaminated radioactive dust from the buildings was as simple as this – a firefighters squad arrived to a district and just washed off the dust of the concrete buildings. Photos are inside:

See how Pripyat at that time is different from Pripyat now.


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11 Responses to “Firefighters in Pripyat Cleaning up the Initial Contamination”

  1. Jo says:

    Was this before or after the evacuation?

    And now it’s all overgrown and in ruins. So sad.

    • DCC says:

      The evacuation took place a day after the explosion, so I guess the buildings were already empty when they started cleaning. Sad indeed.

      • yizuman says:

        Actually it was three days for the evacuation, for civilians that is. Alot of them didn’t make it when they were bused elsewhere. Very few of the survivors actually came back for a very short visit and visited their old flats. They told their stories and that’s how I knew it was three days.

        • DCC says:

          If I’m not mistaken, Pripyat itself was evacuated 36 hours after the explosion, that is, on the 27th. Chernobyl and the surrounding areas were evacuated later on.

          • Brandan says:

            Yeah your correct evacuation took place 36 hours after the explosion happened reason why it took that long was because the soviet government tried to cover up the disaster but they failed to cover the disaster up so they then decided to evacuate the civilians.

  2. javox says:

    amazin, such a sad story how everythin finished

  3. Voivode says:

    All these firefighter trucks are still there, waiting to be scrapped.

  4. Mistwraith says:

    A few things make me doubt this is Pripyat.
    The grounds, after over 10 years

  5. Mistwraith says:

    whoops bad click please delete my 1st post :)
    I wouldnt surprise me if this was what it says it is, but a few things make me doubt this is Pripyt.
    The grounds, after a building has been up at least 10 years there should be some foliage on the ground, not piles of earth. It looks like a building site that is mid landscaping.
    The buildings themselves, there are thousands of pictures of this town on the net now, but scouring them i see no sign of any buildings that have that very distinctive diamond design on their balconys, in fact no concrete balconys at all.
    The shape of the buildings, and the complex configuration doesnt seem to exist on a google earth flyover either.
    Ohh and just for good measure, why are there 2 people on the roof in picture 5 if all they are doing is hosing down the sides of the buildings ?
    To me it looks like a Fire Brigade parctise session of putting out fires in higher rise buildings.

    • Brandan says:

      This is Pripyat many buildings still look the same like the disaster never happened but unfortunately the windows on these buildings have suffered from it.

  6. Shrek says:


    Im not sure, but I suppose that on fhoto 5 there could be Druzhby Narodov 15 building – with Kurchatowa 1 on the second plan. But I also sceptic.

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