17 Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Posted on February 13, 2015 by tim

This February for the first time ever the double decker train cars appeared on “number one” Russian rail road route – Moscow to St. Petersburg. If in many parts of the world double leveled carriages are not a novelty, here its something that attracts sights and evokes interest on how is it inside. So let’s see, how, thanks to cool Russian photographer Dmitry who have visited one of those and made those photos:

From outside those look like normal two level cars in other countries. With one detail – those are made in Russia.

Before them those old style Soviet train cars were used.

And now these came to replace them.

One train is able to transport 800 people at once.

This is the connection link between two separate cars. Shot from outside.

And that’s how it looks like from an inside point of view. To go from one car to another one has to press this button and the door opens with a warning beep.

Previously restrooms was sort of an issue for Soviet trains. On this pic above is how the restrooms looked like.

And this is the new car’s restroom.

Recycling trash bins for different types of waste.

The staircase from one level to another and a microwave for the travelers be able to warm up their stuff.

And now the cabins.


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17 Responses to “Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg”

  1. Ben says:

    let,s hope travellers will appreceate all this small and big details, and not destroy, steal or dirty public goods as they do in many other countries… it.s nice anyway. How many hours to travel?

    • Andrew says:

      It is slow night train. Travel time is 7h 54min from 22:50 to 06:44. Train is perfect place to sleep. Or to drink. :)

      • Alain says:

        8 hours for 700 km : they should have invested more in fast trains. That’s 1937 speed for Paris-Marseilles…

        • Andrew says:

          Alain, night trains are very comfortable. You can sleep all the night like a log, and don’t spend daylight hours for a trip. There is high speed train “Sapsan”, it cover this way for ~4 hour. IMHO Sapsan is less comfortable: 4 daylight hours in sitting position and it is more expensive. Fast passenger traffic should be transported by aviation. Railways should be for slow trains, suburban trains, freight trains etc.

          • Alain says:

            I am sure they are. But 700 km is perfect for a fast train. It’s the distance of Paris to Marseille, and to day, if you include the time needed to go to the airport (especially in Moscow where the high-speed shuttles to the airports are so sssssslllloooowwwwww) and the time needed to wait for your plane, it is much more interesting to use the train than the plane.

            Today, from Paris to Marseille, it takes only 3h for 860 km. Moscow-St Petersburg would be THE perfect train line for a real, high speed train (Sapsan is still slow, compared to TGV – it should go take less than 3h between both cities). And I am sure that, at 2:30, most people would think twice about taking the plane :)

            Also, train pollutes less than plane ;)

            • Andrew says:

              Alain, there is one problem with fast train: it hardly coexist with slow trains on the same railway because of speed difference. Many suburban trains were cancelled because of fast Sapsan and Allegro. Slow transport should be on the ground, fast transport in the sky.

              • Alain says:

                Which is why we built fast speed railways, beside slow speed. And why there is no more air lines to any city less than 500km from Paris. Because the airplane is less efficient than the train.

                Between 500 and 1000km, the train, when done correctly, is often more interesting than the plane. According to me, going to any airport from Moscow city center, to register for the plane, queue for security, wait until the plane takes off, wait until the plane is stationed, wait to get my luggage, arrive in the city center : the train can easily compete, up to 4 hours. No problem !

                But, of course, the train has to be fast. If not (sharing rails with slow trains), then it’s useless…

          • Darius says:

            Planes fly fast, but all the getting to airport (in some cities it is outside the city and it takes an hour to get to it), security etc. sometimes can add extra 2 or more hours to the trip. Plus – you have to book the ticket in advance and can’t change travel time/plans easy.

  2. Steamed McQueen says:

    Very nice. I wonder if the toilets have holding tanks now instead of dumping out on the tracks like the old cars did.

  3. Mandea says:

    One thing you will miss from the old wagons is mobile windows. In these new ones you cannot open them and God-forbid to have an air conditioning failure; you will all suffocate. Even if the air conditioning worked, the smell inside would be like dried urine because the ventilation is never as good as in the old wagons. Beware.
    PS: wait and see what happens with automatic doors :) The mechanism that drives them will be broken by people who are not aware that they do not need to manually open the doors. By the time they get used with the system, it will be broken anyway. And usually the timer that commands door to close is so badly set that the door will “catch” your luggage or rucksack.

    • ed brown says:

      Modern technologies in the uncivilized countries like Russia will not work as expected. Aborigines will destroy everything or soil everything with their greasy bodies very quickly.

  4. Erik says:

    Dmitry , as always you have brought us something wonderful .
    Thanks to you and English Russia for this gift .

  5. Andrew says:

    I see 2 disadvantages of this train in comparison with older ones. 1. You cann’t open the window and ventilate your compartment. 2. There is almost no place for luggage. Older trains have openable windows and a plenty space for luggage. Advantages of new train are power outlet in every compartment, much comfortable toilet, cheaper ticket.

  6. Mister Twister says:

    I am going to guess that the food displayed is only for the richest.

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