8 Russian Armored Truck Ural

Russian Armored Truck Ural

Posted on February 12, 2015 by tim

A few photos of Russian armored truck URAL, the newer model – from inside and outside. Those trucks are used by different regiments – including the scouts.  Let’s see what’s inside:

This particular car is brand new. The soldiers should be seated like this on both sides.

Regular URAL truck is used as a base for making those armored trucks.

The solid armored body has numerous windows and doors.

The armored vehicle is for protection of the soldiers of bullets and larger fragments, also of land mines or self made bombs.

It should withstand two kilos of TNT explosives. The tires and suspensions are protected too. Also an engine is covered.

The hood has its own armor shield.

Next to it you can see a smaller version of an armored military car.


And this is an older URAL with lesser protection which was widely used before.

By the way those particular cars were photographed in Crimea. As you can see its snowing over there, though usually its not.

Thanks a lot to Pilot for his photos!


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8 responses to “Russian Armored Truck Ural”

  1. john says:

    Nice truck i will take one.

  2. Voivode says:

    Russian classics.

  3. petrohof says:

    useless against 4 kilos of tnt

  4. ed brown says:

    This truck will be very useful in the Eastern Ukraine.
    It will be very convenient and to shoot Ukrainian civilians through those holes in the windows.

  5. somejoe says:

    I like the side head pads.
    That will make sleeping while moving much easier.

  6. joe says:

    hey ed brown your just a derty asshole russia is not killing civilians in ukraine. the ukraine army is killing them and there is plenty of proof its just the usa news channels dont show it… GO RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hendra says:

      yeah i agree, the usa is the main problem in this situation, as rumors are getting round that the us is funding some rebels to start conflict, but these rebels are supporters of the ukrainian goverment,

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