7 Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Posted on February 12, 2015 by tim

Do you remember an occasion of orange snow that was reported a few weeks ago? People were saying that it’s not a big deal – just a sandstorm from South got caught into water clouds which later resulted in tinting the snow orange. Okay, that’s version is viable, however, what sort of storm can cause snow to become blue?

Let’s see it, we have  a short video too:

A few towns and villages in Chelyabinsk region which is in Ural region of Russia have reported there were plenty of blue snow descending from the skies this Thursday.

The authorities refrained from commenting.

The samples of snow were taken for laboratories.

And no results were received yet.

“This snow melts inside and our office is full of blue water!”, says the local woman on video below.


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7 Responses to “Blue Snow in Ural Russia”

  1. Gargamel says:

    I’ll bet those rotten little smurfs are responsible for this!

  2. Tokala says:

    I know the rule about not eating yellow snow… but what about the blue snow???

  3. Johan says:

    So what type of pollution may it be? No comments from the authorities, go figures…

  4. Mistwraith says:

    Cadmium maybe ?

  5. joakim says:

    so that is what slush is made! :o

  6. joakim says:

    how it’s made*

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