1 Spotting Planes at the Snowing Airport

Spotting Planes at the Snowing Airport

Posted on February 10, 2015 by tim

Marina, the airplane photographer we like a lot, has posted another set of photos. Now the scene of action is one Moscow airport. She says that Moscow airports invite photography enthusiasts at least once in three months to take photos right on the airfield. These time, probably because of weather, not many people have attended. Would you like to see what did it look like there? The let’s see inside this post:

All photos are clickable for larger sizes. For example this is a new Russian SuperJet plane produced by SU brand – formerly making only fighting jets.

And those are the photographers, together with their equipment all dressed in security yellow vests.

They all got into a bus and went thru the airfield to different points of interest.

Here they arrived to first shooting point.

SuperJet again.

And here is the plane being deiced.


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