4 Russian Roulette Reimagined

Russian Roulette Reimagined

Posted on February 10, 2015 by tim

Valery, guy from Russian city perm, has reimagined the old Russian game “Russian Roulette”. Instead of risking to get a bullet people participating in this new game risk to get… electrocuted. The guns, those little tasters have an “electric bullet” occupying one of the seven empty slots. A person shoots and risks to get a shock. Let’s see inside the details:

According to the Russian newspaper AIf people come to this club twice  a month to participate in a competition.

First they line up in a chain and shoot each other. The one that feels the shock gets out of the line.

Then only three people left.

This is Valery. He is an ex world champion in some martial arts. He then got into hospital and couldn’t fight anymore. While in a hospital he invented this new game.

They have ordered the rubber bullet guns in China and converted them into “electric” bullets.



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4 Responses to “Russian Roulette Reimagined”

  1. Tutan Camon says:

    Very,very smart peoples!!!!!

  2. Lord Homicide says:

    You went full retard

    Never go full retard

  3. Anton says:

    nothing new about it, just a bunch of guys looking for an adrenaline rush. if you check out google’s play store, you’ll see there are THOUSANDS of those who download and install russian roulette apps on their smartphones. this game never gets old.

  4. Jenny says:

    Hmmmmm. Games for the proles.

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