5 Luxury in the Trash

Luxury in the Trash

Posted on February 8, 2015 by tim

People of this suburb of Omsk – Russian city in Siberia – were surprised to see that a big snow pile they had in their neighborhood – where some people used to dump trash, plastic bags, empty boxes and alike – turned to be that this pile is a Jaguar luxury car. See inside:

Like someone was cleaning a snow around and then they found a car that seems to be not moving since the winter started. And winters in Siberia can start as early as September.

The car had no registration plates and no information on the owner could be retrieved.


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5 Responses to “Luxury in the Trash”

  1. sammakkokeitto says:

    Its normal. Russians bye right-side driving cars for low price in england to move them to russia illegally without registration to sell in parts. Second-hand parts to luxury cars are popular in russia. Many poor people bey expensive cars to show that they are rich, and they don’t have much money to keep them on road, so they like to bye chip second-hand parts. It some like national idea – KAZATSIA A NE BIT’ – to look like rich people, not to be really rich.

  2. Keijjjo says:

    That might be left handed too. Even in Finland those type jags are kind of cheap.
    With damaged engine or transmission those are wort of scrapmetal

  3. ukraine vein says:

    when you say ‘bye’ do you mean steal ??

  4. Fred says:

    The first generation Jaguar X-Type is known for having different mechanical and electrical issues (ie. weak automatic gearbox, differential). These cars may be cheap to buy second hand but have high running costs, so repairing some major issue is not viable for the owner (especially in Omsk where spare parts and competent mechanic is hard to find).

  5. sammakkokeitto says:

    Russians own Jaguar not to drive – the make it ti look like white rich people. It have to pass 500 years before they frget about slavery of their grandfathers.

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