10 Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

Posted on February 8, 2015 by tim

According to the rumors that are being spread in Russian social networks lately there are over 800 shops, cafes and so on have been closed in Moscow alone since the year started. They say that the main reasons might be the national currency price which is now two times less than it was last summer. The blogger Ilya – who we are really fond of for his nice photos of Moscow and other places – has went into the city to make photos and understand by himself are the shops really closing and why this might be:

He went around a few most famous Moscow streets and says that really there are plenty of the closed previously to be active commerce points.

“Now it’s really hard to lease a  commerce spaces.”, says Ilya. “Sometimes the reason for this is the greed of the landlords.”. He says that a the property owenrs used to get the lease payments in Euro. Now the euro currency is twice more expensive but the landlords still want to get paid in euro, but the shopkeepers get paid in rubles so for them it became twice as much to pay.

Ilya calls it to be a psychology of a taxi driver: “I won’t go for less. I’d better won’t go at all. So the shops are empty and not leased”.

“For example this is Zara shop on Tverskaia street”, says Ilya, “well it was Zara shop before, but they weren’t be able to agreed with a landlord and moved out. Now its Bosco shop”.

“Also there are a lot of banks that went out of business last year”, continues his walk the famous Russian blogger.


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10 Responses to “Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown”

  1. Mister Twister says:

    What is that Photoshopped image doing on page 3?

  2. war-saw-wer says:

    Dear Russian,
    dont be affraid. You can always open shops with tanks/rockets and ammo. As your GOD Adolf Putler said you can buy it on the corner.

    Your country is the greatest and the most democratic country in the word. And most reachest. And most inteligent.

    You also have got Krym and you probably killed during last year 50.000 citizen of Ukraine. You should be proud.

    • Voivode says:

      So far, more than 4,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed – almost all of them due to massive air and artillery strikes carried out by the Ukrainian Army in the rebellious provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk (both of them being vocally pro-Russian and Russian-speaking; it is a former Russian territory ceded to Ukraine by the Soviet leadership); more than 1,000,000 Ukrainians have fled to Russia, a country that is blamed for “aggression” as part of the ongoing propaganda war waged by its Western “partners”. It should be noted, also, that Russia still secures stable provision of crude oil and petroleum products to Ukraine, sells electricity at domestic prices, provides fuel elements for Ukrainian nuclear power plants, exported more than 4,6 million tons of coal to Ukraine in the period of September 2014 to January 2015, and hasn’t permitted the transit of coal from Kazakhstan to Ukrainian steel producers. Even in spite of the ongoing conflict, Russia still remains the largest supplier of coal to Ukraine and helps to keep that country afloat. This is not to mention the fact that the pro-Russian rebels and their Russian allies freed a large number of captured Ukrainian soldiers as an act of good will, held the advance and engaged in peace talks at the time when the rebels had a strategic advantage and could have taken Mariupol, and that Putin agreed to respect the full territorial integrity of Ukraine and reduced his demands to a minimum level, calling for establishing a system of territorial autonomy for the Russian-speaking minority in south-eastern Ukraine.

      No doubt, only Hitler can be waging war, trying to be honest with his enemy, providing medical treatment to enemy POWs and sometimes setting them free, supplying the enemy country with electricity, coal, oil, petroleum products, fuel elements, etc., all at the same time, and then giving the enemy country a break when it is being defeated.

  3. egjioa says:

    For years workers of the USSR lived without the need for overpriced coffee, I’m sure they’ll manage now.

  4. Douglas says:

    The consumer economies of both the USA and Russia are slowly dying. The days of massive consumer spending are over.

  5. Bob says:

    No real economy beside fossil fuels. Low fossil fuel price. Fleeing foreign money and rich russians, because of the ongoing war of agression against the Ukraine. Sending massive ammounts of new military equipment to the donbass, not the old 70′ stuff, but post 2010 top notch vehicels. Russia is haemorrhaging capital and the best idea the leaders have for it, is to burn even more money, to not lose face and keep the Ukraine weak. Both the crimea and the donbass would need billions upon billions in investments to become economicly viable in any sense.
    Leashing out and jailing russian mothers, for asking about their sons in the military and declaring religious groups which are not the russian orthodox church “terrorists” alienates any possible investors even more.

    The worst thing about it, the ruling class will not be bothered by embargos and a failing economy. They already earned enough money. Now they will buy property for cheap and flip it for profit it a decade.

    • Voivode says:

      Excuse me for dragging you out of your imaginary world of hallucinations, Bob, but there is currently no common practice of “leashing out and jailing russian mothers, for asking about their sons in the military and declaring religious groups which are not the russian orthodox church “terrorists” in modern Russia. Russian mothers are still on the loose, and so are Muslims, Catholics (I have recently seen a number of Catholic churches in the Moscow region, all being used), Protestants, Buddhists, and even Mari ‘Pagans’ performing their traditional rituals in sacred groves of the Mari El Republic. On Poklonnaya Hill, Moscow, there is a synagogue, a mosque, a new Buddhist temple, and an Orthodox church – all open to the public. As long as you don’t show vocal support for radical Islam, Falun Gong or Aum Shinrikyo, you won’t be prosecuted by the Russian judicial system.

  6. autorollo says:

    Im so happy for this and hope it gets worse. Bastards.

  7. nanoc says:

    This just seems like a problem with greedy landlords wanting to get paid in Euros. Seems like prices will eventually stabilize and that would mean lower overall leases for everyone. I’m surprised that there is no law in Russian that all payments must be made in Russian rubles.

  8. Dash Riprock says:

    Our stupid President Obama’s sanctions are only hurting the common people. When you’re as rich as the oligarchs, there is very little effect.

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