1 Russian Atomic Ice Breakers Up Close

Russian Atomic Ice Breakers Up Close

Posted on February 6, 2015 by tim

Thanks to one more photographer, Alexey K, there is one more look on the Russian atomic icebreakers  stationed in the city of Murmansk. We won’t go into much detail with this one but the photos are pretty much impressive – like this first one – of the ice breaker called “Soviet Union”. It’s not active now. See more inside:

“Arctica” is non-active one too.

“Siberia”. Non active too. This doesn’t mean they are commissioned and would never work again, no, some of them just hit their  service limit and the next service might be no earlier than 2016, so they stay here.

This is the spot which contacts the convoyed ship.

The propeller consists of four blade and which one weighs 5 tons! The ship is stocked with spare blades in case of damage and there is a diver in the crew who can perform the repairs out in “the field”. Field of ice.

Different classes of the icebreakers – different size, technical parameters and power of engines.

This place is guarded.


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