2 Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Posted on February 3, 2015 by tim

Zhostovo is a village in Russia which is famous for its traditional painting style. It originated there in midst 19th century. The main item they traditionally use as a target for their skill application are the metal trays first coated with a few layers of putty and then painted by Zhostovo technique and lacquered. If you like to see more of those as well how they are being produced welcome inside:

So it originated in one village near Moscow artisans of which were highly influenced by the works of Ural masters and their style of painting flowers on the metal. Little by little near by villages of Zhostovo started copying the style and the whole craftsman industry appeared responding to  the growing demand of such trays.

They could be used as casual items for serving food or drinks and also as a decorative piece – hanging on the wall or standing on the flat surface.

There are two types of trays – stamped and forged. The stamped ones are being stamped on the electric pressing machine above.

And the forged ones are being done by hand.

First cutting metal in hand.

Then being hammered and forged.

Wire is being inserted inside the edges to strengthen them.

Then the future tray goes to oven, then being coated with three layers of black enamel. The painting itself is being done in two stages. At first artist puts a outline of the flowers. It is being done without any prior sketch and simultaneously on a few pieces.


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  1. john says:

    Beautiful work,

  2. Erik says:

    What gifted people .
    Thanks for showing their work to us .

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