17 Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

Posted on February 3, 2015 by tim

In one mine, forty meter underground in Kuzbass miner region of Russia the local mine workers have unleashed a few stone discs that are shaped exactly as UFOs you used to see on the photos. Inside there are more photos proving the shape point:

The disc is perfectly round and is roughly 1.2m wide, it weighs approximately 200 kilos.

The thing comes from the open pit  mine in Kuzbass, Russia, 40 meters deep. Previously they found lots of prehistoric bones there, like the tusks of mammoths but those weren’t deeper than 20m. So this might be twice as older.


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17 Responses to “Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground”

  1. Tyson says:

    Very cool, wonder where they came from.

    • Ivan says:

      Google “Piedra de los Sombreros, El Calafate Argentina”

    • Bill Waters says:

      Hello, millions of years when there was much activity as the planets were forming the sky was full of Planetesimals. These objects had a radioactive core and were of all sizes, from marble size to moon size and as they speed thru the night sky they attracted the space dust and basically cleared up the sky. A speeding planetesimal takes a long path across the sky, heats up to the consistency of clay, it tips off the water and compresses (the rings) and explodes. These Disc are the top plugs of the many planetesimals which heated during entry, struck Earth, collapsed and blow the top off, the disc is all that was left in that explosion.

  2. Ronny Jonhson says:

    As a 20 year concrete engineer I can tell you that this is a concrete casting. Probably created in their backyard and brought there for amusement and Internet points.

  3. Number says:

    Ask Zaitsev where the discs came from

  4. geologist says:

    Those are concretions. They are usually round like balls. But they can also have more complex shapes like these.

  5. FC says:

    If it didn’t look so much like concrete, I’d say it’s simple magma extrusion.

  6. Jewels Vern says:

    The same things on Mars are called blueberries. In other places on Earth they are called Moki, Moeraki, eggs, geodes, or concretions. They are described here:

  7. Tutan Camon says:

    So there is my hat!!!Bring back to me and i will let you stay in peace!:)

  8. Number says:

    think logic,mammot bones 20m above,
    mammots do not lay eggs maybe stoned hairballs from them or something,or eggs from another animal what was attacking them,and they burried it. hhhmmm

  9. Bill Waters says:

    Hello, millions of years ago when the Planets were forming around chunks of Radioactive stone thrown from the Big Bang. These chunks range in size from as large as the Moon to as small as a fist and were very hot and bright, these Bright pieces form their own Gravity and attract space debris and dust according to the size of the forming planet. This super hot radioactive stone which forms a shell has a ring of hot gas around it. Radioactive stone in the center, gas shield, then a molten inner mantel and a cooler and harder outer crust. Long ago during this active period, Earth was bombarded with many of these Planetesimals, in ALL sizes. Some of them took long paths across the sky, heated up to like clay, and struck the ocean, tipping off the water, the planetesimal compresses and explodes part the top off because of the gas filled center. This once perfectly round object, compressed, exploded the top plug off. The rest of the planetesimal was destroyed, these many Disk are the top plugs off the many exploded planetesimals which bombarded Earth millions ago and to remind us of our violent creation.

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