4 Spooky Dolls of Chernobyl

Spooky Dolls of Chernobyl

Posted on February 3, 2015 by tim

Alexander has travelled to Chernobyl nine times. He says that of course it looks pretty dramatic – all the empty houses, forest grown inside the house with bushes higher than a few stores, abandoned things and furniture in the apartments. But what touches him most are the abandoned little dolls that still can be found under loads of dirt, dry leaves, they are still there, as they were left in 1986.

“Epsecially I was moved by the dolls left in the empty kindergartens and pre-schools. Those dolls symbolize something that has been lost forever – the lost childhood. The open eyes of the dolls – they look at you and wait if you can change the things back, to the used and well known routine”.

Want to see more? Welcome inside:

Those dolls were left here 28 years ago.

“That’s a symbol of stopped childhood, violently abrupt.”, says Alex.

“…and the sadness of loneliness”.

“…the horror of abandonment”.

“..and the hope to get into the past. The doll waits that someone would finally pick it up. It’s a chocking effect – it demonizes me and delight at same time” – says the photographer.

“Dolls are the most shocking thing for me in Pripyat, other objects don’t impress me that much”, concludes Alexander.

Thanks Alexander for the photos!


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4 responses to “Spooky Dolls of Chernobyl”

  1. Adriaan says:

    Doll’s where indeed spooky, but the local high school’s library with all those books on the floor and the daycare center with those little beds, I found that more shocking. Maybe because I have little children myself, and feel for them.

  2. Lucy Parker says:

    I can understand what Alexander is saying. These dolls were held, hugged and loved by a child. In a moment, you have to leave the things you love, it breaks your heart, and you will always remember. Thank you Alexander.

  3. Irvine Meyet says:

    Some very good photographs. Where is Chucky?

  4. Voivode says:

    I’m afraid that posts like this make Western visitors of ‘EnglishRussia’ believe that Chernobyl is situated in the Russian Federation – a common delusion among Americans and Europeans alike, especially among teens and adults with a level of education similar to that of ‘CZenda’ and other aggressively ignorant users that keep spamming this website for ages.

    There should be virtually no place for abandoned Ukrainian cities on a site dedicated to Russia.

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