22 Soviet Top Secret Nuclear Airplane M-60M

Soviet Top Secret Nuclear Airplane M-60M

Posted on February 2, 2015 by tim

In 1950s the idea of creating the nuclear airplane, the long range strategic bomber powered on the power of atom was considered as a necessity by Soviet generals. At that time there was already built first Russian atomic ice breaker with its independent nuclear reactor on board. So the plane seemed to be pretty real. To give you a little spoiler on this post – yes, they finally was to able to build a working plane with a nuclear reactor on board which was powering it during the flight. Interested? Let’s see how it all looked like:


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22 Responses to “Soviet Top Secret Nuclear Airplane M-60M”

  1. Pom2Ter says:

    I don’t know what to think about the informations you give here on the TU-95LAL but from what I already tried to find out on this subject in the past (Because I have been reading on the TU-95LAL and the TU-119 for 2 years) most of the 34 test flights were done with the reactor shut down in order to test the cockpit shielding efficiency… most of these test the engines were running on petrol… The Tu-119 was only a project and was never produced… It was only researched and created on paper… based on the testing done from the TU-95LAL and improved design made on its engine design…

  2. Rob Normann says:

    Great history. Lets hope they stay off this kind of engines until they can make it hundred percent safe. It is a great idea and I think nuclear energy is the future.

    • d says:

      Well, let’s hope they stay off this type of engine for a plane forever – imagine what happens when its shot down to the area under.

  3. Darkness99 says:

    “Sadly, this exact plane was not finished.”

    Luckily, it was not finished. One plane crash, and hello Chernobyl. Plus, there definitely would be a radioactive exhaust trail during the normal operation.

  4. john says:

    Great posting ,and pictures

  5. hello? says:

    “ecological” flights by atomic power? dudes, what is ecological about atomic waste which has to be stored safely for 10.000+ years or it kills up to millions of people?

  6. p51d007 says:

    USA screwed around with a research plane about the same time, based on the B-36 airframe. Had about the same luck too.

  7. RB says:

    The US had something called the kiwi Nuke engine. Hotter than shit from the sun heavy as hell and a totally stupid idea for a plane.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      Kiwi wasn’t the name of the engine… it was the nickname given to the reactor design powering the engine… quite different actually… the engine is a NERVA that was mounted on a kiwi reactor…

    • Pom2Ter says:

      And Kiwi reactors were not designed to power planes they were designed to power rockets… like the ones used in spacecrafts… too big and heavy to power planes… I don’t even know why you bring that up in a plane conversation… maybe you should talk about thing you really know…

  8. javox says:

    aaamaaziiin, all my life ive been thinkin if the soviet never try to build an atomic aircraft, coz they built submarines and ships, why not planes? so nice, i still can not belive how much sources and ppl used for develope all this tecnologies and ended this way, pretty nice, i loved

  9. Slaven says:

    Soviet union had amazing scientists and with much smaller budget than US it managed to stay and sometimes even exceed them in weapons race. Too bad Gorbachev thought that because few corrupted officials the legacy of such a great country wasnt worth the future. Idiot. Gorbachev and Yeltsin are the real traitors of Russian and Soviet citizens.

  10. Wayne Johnson says:

    I do like the concept and the commercial viability of an airline power by nuclear power. Think the only difference between air and water is density so the same concept applied to nuclear power submarine, so if you consider to shoot down a plane then the same happen to the submarine so why not be optimistic and start thinking about a fire fume dispensing system that can copy water blanket approached to control nuclear waste isn’t that where all the nuclear waste is been stored. I support nuclear engine to copy nuclear electricity to allow for cheaper and more affordable flight around the world. I would like to flight nonstop to Africa and Australia and China and Russia and Japan and enjoy a cozy nonstop flight to and fro. Understand Chow.Don’t even mention domestic flights. ETC

  11. Paul G says:

    The problem with our current nuclear production is the the type of Nuclear plant used.
    Nuclear power plants initially were developed with a war footing in mind, so had to have the ability to produce weapons grade uranium, this type of power plant has become the “standard” due to vested interests and the colossal expense of building a different type of reactor that can’t produce weapons grade.

    After Chernobyl and latterly Fukishima I researched what if any other Nuclear power plants designs were available, I discovered that when the US was designing it’s Nuclear bomber in the 50s a Different type of power plant was recommended. The use of Thorium instead of plutoniumn and uranium would be beneficial for many reasons, no contaminated fuel rods or contaminated water (used to cool the fuel rods). I feel that the current way of creating nuclear power is dangerous not just for human’s alive now, but will continue to be a risk for 100s of generations in the future. It would be expensive to change to the Thorium type reactor, but as guardians of the planet we owe it to our descendants to bite the bullet and build Thorium Nuclear reactors and decommission the current plants which have proven to be so devastating to nature, while we make strident effort to master cold Nuclear Fusion (ultimate goal). interesting topic!

  12. Paul G says:

    Cheers Mark, go Norway!! Interesting read, pepes need to let other pepes know the other options, now we got the Chinese building fast reactor plants in the UK. propoganda will kick in Nuclear will be seen as the green approach and essential if we are to stop global warming, hoping enough pepes get up to speed to tip the balance toward Thorium, it’s a long way away, small steps ;)

  13. waqqas bhatti says:

    I liked the story about the Nuclear Airplane of Soviet union.It was great but horribal plane.I like these kind of stories.

  14. john doe says:

    the atomic technology is worrisome. the reactions release a spectrum of particles not properly studied by man yet, not to mention it goes against nature’s laws: you won’t find a forest growing by means of fire. if you want to see what the future holds, read about thomas townsend brown’s electric ships, faster than any plane.
    or, for the russian readers, look up ‘frolov’s hat’, which is a variation on the same theme, solid state drives powering flux liners.
    short version, amazing speeds, 90 degree turns, etc.
    you won’t want to go back to conventional flying, not to mention cumbersome and expensive atomic energy.

  15. sb says:

    yes,why won’t you make $2500 from home and share the falsehood to every fool,who’d be gullible enough to get cajouled into making some minimum deposit and it goes on

  16. MajorTom says:

    The M-60M looks like a direct copy of the American B70 Valkyrie. I will be impressed by the airplane that flys by anti-gravity and not by aerodynamics.

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