6 Orange Snow in City of Saratov

Orange Snow in City of Saratov

Posted on February 2, 2015 by tim

People of Saratov city, Russia (population near 1 million people) started massively to report that it started snowing with orange hue snow. From different parts of the city the reports were coming together with photos. The actual color of the snow was pretty much different on the photos – some snow piles were really orange tinted, others were more close to yellow or brown.  More photos inside:

The officials on TV reported that “There is no indications of possible threat to human or animal health”.

But how can they really know?


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6 Responses to “Orange Snow in City of Saratov”

  1. Kent_Diego says:

    It is not yellow so that makes it good to eat.

  2. Rob Normann says:

    I have heard historys of this. In northern Norway they told me that there was falling orange snow when Russia tested their nuclear weapons on Novaja Semlja. If it is correct I don’t know but I have heard the history from several people.

  3. Ekateryna says:

    It happened once. I was in the desert (yes, snow in the desert).
    It was snow mixed with very small particules of sand

  4. timoulete says:

    Not dangerous at all…so eat and waiting for the answer :)
    Look like very unusual

  5. 5445 says:

    go to the City of Ludwigshafen in Germany, there is a large BASF chemical plant,
    its quite common to see red and blue snow and smoke there even in these days!

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