12 One of the Biggest Scientific Libraries on Fire

One of the Biggest Scientific Libraries on Fire

Posted on February 2, 2015 by tim

One of the biggest Moscow scientific libraries that hold thousands of rare ancient Slavic texts was on fire this weekend. Lot’s of firetrucks and firefighters arrived on the scene at night but couldn’t save the half of the root falling down inside of the library. It’s said that the total area of the library is around 2,000 square meters with 1,000 square meters of it collapsed.  If you want to see more – please inside:

Rare books and materials stored in this library are often used by young scientists to complete their works on different areas of subjects.

The roof collapsed.


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12 Responses to “One of the Biggest Scientific Libraries on Fire”

  1. Ben says:

    …and not a single word about it in the western media outlets considering the dsinforation war going on between east and west… even though this library is among the largest worldwide… it seems that even slavic culture shall not exist in the minds of people here…

  2. Tom Mannis says:

    Ah, Ben, this fire got a lot of coverage by Western media. If you spend a few seconds to search Google for “Library of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION)” you’ll find articles about it in English. And this fire is still very recent, so give us stupid foreigners in the backwards West a day or two to catch up on the coverage.

    • Alain says:

      Indeed, here in France the information was covered by ALL medias (televisions, magazines, radio and newspapers). Where is the desinformation war ?

  3. Tom Mannis says:

    How ironic: Investigators suspect an electrical short-circuit was to blame for this fire. Think about that: Bad electrical wiring destroying a science library.

  4. petrohof says:

    why do you say that? it was reported on many western news services.

    • Name says:

      Here in germany mainstream media did not really cover this story. Some smaller regional newspapers reprinted some tiny text from the AFP-News-Agency.

      For the big 5 newspapers in germany: spiegel.de, sueddeutsche.de, faz.net, welt.de and zeit.de only the last two had miniscule AFP-reprints with no images.

      To summarize: For germany 3 days have passed and only sporadic and monotone AFP-reprints were published. No follow up. The correspondents which i supposedly believe this big players have in moscow dont have the time for such cultural tragedies. They are busy writing filthy things about Mr. Putin.

  5. Rob Normann says:

    What a tragedy. Lets hope they cept the most valuable works away from the fire. Fire have eaten a lot of our history thru time.

  6. L. Tuggle says:

    One of the saddest events known to man – the destruction of a library. Can you imagine how different the history of the world might have been if the Great Library of Alexandria had survived and the lost knowledge been the basis for scientific progress.

  7. Sverige says:

    Not a single word about this in swedish media.

  8. juan says:

    Sad, i hope they save most part.

    And Ben is absolutly nuts, just read all his comments in this page.

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