1 Ice Sculpting Championship of Russia

Ice Sculpting Championship of Russia

Posted on February 2, 2015 by tim

Strangely enough there is a sports (or arts?) competition named “Ice Sculpting Cup of Russia” to which they invite tens of ice sculptors from all over the world to make the sculptures and participate. This year it was held in Perm city Russia (in Ural region) and there were forty people from over than ten countries – including Argentina, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand etc. If you like such kind of things then welcome inside to see what those masters of ice art have created this winter on one of the main city squares of Perm:

So it was not just ice sculpting but also there was quote “nomination for the best snow sculpture” and here you can see the snow sculptures waiting to be judged.

Usually such things are guarded at night by police from the local youth and just drunk people who like to crush this art for pure fun.

As been said the main topic for the contest was to bring some native motive from their homeland. And this snow creation on top is from a Russian author, with hardly translated name. Also you can see the flags on the background that are probably meant to prove the international importance of the event.

This is called “the Voice of China” by the Chinese author.

Same Chines sculpture as above but view from other side.

And another Russian creation called “Stupid is that bird who doesn’t like its own nest”.  Like a reproach to all that immigrants, legal and illegal.

Also the nest but from another guy. It’s called “The Family Nest”. Strangely both of them are obsessed with nest thematics.

“The flight of Bandoneon” by two Argentianian women. What is Bandoneon?

“The folded man” whatever it meant by two people of Russia.

And this sculpture has got the second prize and comes from people of Latvia and Lithuania with the title “Planet Number Earth”. Like whatever it meant to be.

“The homeland” by Russian authors.


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