4 Abandoned Milk Factory in Novocherkask, Russia

Abandoned Milk Factory in Novocherkask, Russia

Posted on February 2, 2015 by tim

I am not sure, but as far as I recall despite lots of abandoned places posted on this blog, we didn’t feature any milk factories. In Soviet Russia milk factory was basically called a place which under the order of the Soviet State was producing different sort of milk products all under the same brand. Those could include a few types of milk of different fat contents, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, ice cream, kefir and other products made out of cultured milk. Surprisingly, those didn’t produce any yogurt, and most of Soviet people didn’t try yogurts in their life, until the USSR collapsed.

Now this team of urban explorers lead by Vasili has travelled to one of those which lays abandoned from presently recent age – in 2012 he says it was totally closed, so this site he visited has both Soviet and Russian features inside:

The check point was vital in Soviet times and most of the factories had them which prevented people from sneaking out different goodies. Also it is decorated with the medals it has earned from the Soviet state.

One more checkpoint.

“At this point we have met the guards”, says Vasilii, “who escorted us out. But this is just the beginning”.

So they went around the fence and just climbed inside in a different place.

“It suffered a lot from the fire which destroyed all stuff here”, says the blogger.

A Soviet mosaic of someone looking like a sufi manifesting a bunch of milk goodies.

The magazine is from 1968. “Science and Life”. You see it has some pixel art featured on the cover – back in 1968.


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4 Responses to “Abandoned Milk Factory in Novocherkask, Russia”

  1. Froggy says:

    Those mosaic murals are fantastic !!

  2. 4354 says:

    nice mosaics and the botteling machine also looks not bad, not easy to sell but new enought to give a net life to it!

  3. JBDragon says:

    I see a lot of CRAP. Why are their guards? Other then maybe the milk bottling machine may have some value, but may cost as much to fix and get running then to buy a new one build for your own needs then trying to get this thing working. For the most part the place looks like a dump.

  4. Wouter says:

    Found it: 47.427210, 40.069401 It said the name of the street on the foto of the map of the site.

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